3 Quick Tips for Traveling

For many, the Summer of 2020 might be called the Summer of Road Trips.

With the COVID-19 pandemic continuing, you may hesitant to travel by air. However, whether travelling by car or by air, you can be sure to expect plenty of sitting still in one location. In addition to bringing along a good book, a downloaded podcast, or other entertainment, use the time for active muscle recovery with Incrediwear’s non-invasive wearable technology. By remembering to toss your Incrediwear products into your bag, you can give your body the best use of the time spent traveling and enjoy your destination to the fullest! 

Here are three other must-do tips for making your journey the easiest on your body.

Incrediwear Socks

1) Be Prepared to Walk

When traveling, many tourists find they spend more time on their feet than expected. A general recommendation is 10,000 steps a day for adults – a metric easy to surpass when exploring a new area of the country. However, being unprepared for walking or hiking more than usual can lead to muscle soreness and fatigue – which is not fun, especially while on vacation. 

In preparing for a trip, add a daily walk into your routine. This will help you get ready for the hike around the lake or walking from shop to shop in the quaint rural downtown you’ll be visiting. To support the increased walking make sure to be wearing your Knee Sleeve before, after, and even during your walk. 

2) Support Your Back

While in a car or in an airplane, hours of sitting can add up to create a sore back – just in time for you to arrive at your destination. To avoid starting your vacation off with back pain, adjust the lumbar settings in your vehicle, bring along a lumbar-support pillow, and be cognizant of your posture. 

After sitting in an office chair during the week, the idea of more hours sitting for travel is less than ideal. Surprisingly, sitting without back support can create a great deal of stress on the lower back. In fact, the lumbosacral discs are loaded three times more when sitting versus standing. Without lumbar back support, it's more difficult to maintain the correct posture. The lumbar spine and large muscles in the lower back have to work harder to support the proper curvature. This can accumulate over the years with chronic back pain, poor posture, and inflexibility. 

To support your posture and decrease the potential of back pain, bring along an Incrediwear Back Brace. The brace supports the reduction of many conditions including lower-back pain, mid-back pain, disc injuries, pinched nerves, and more. It can be worn under or over clothing and will help provide support and relief for your back. 

3) Use the Downtime for Recovery 

Anyone who is recovering from an injury or working through a physical therapy process knows that the most important asset in recovery is time. The body naturally works to heal itself through the supply of oxygen, nutrients, and tissue regeneration.

Incrediwear works to supplement the body in the natural healing and recovery of muscles through the increase of blood flow to the affected area. By helping increase oxygen to the body, the time for recovery has been shown to be faster than the alternative of not wearing Incrediwear. The added benefit of a breathable design and the gentle structural support of our sleeves and braces make the downtime during travel a perfect opportunity to accelerate recovery and decrease muscle soreness.

Whether you use Circulation Socks, the Knee Sleeve, the Back Sleeve, or any other Incrediwear product, our goal is to help you live life to the fullest by not letting chronic pain slow you down!

We wish you health and wellness during your car or air travels in the coming months. Let us accompany you on your journey and be sure to tag us on your travels! #LiveIncredibly

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