Men's Health Week, Tips for Healthy Living

This week is Men’s Health Week! It’s all about increasing the awareness of preventable health problems and seeking to encourage early detection and treatment of disease among men and boys. Preventative care is only effective when it becomes a part of your lifestyle, over many years. Here at Incrediwear, we want to remind and inspire all men to take control of their health and #LiveIncredibly

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Men’s Health Week provides the opportunity for health care providers, public policy makers, the media, and individuals to encourage men and boys to seek regular medical advice and early treatment for disease and injury. Every year there are hundreds of awareness activities in the USA and around the world. The events and media coverage shine a light on the threats to men’s health and the best ways to decrease risk of disease and increase lifespan. 

Of the many threats to men’s health the highest causes of death include:

  • Heart Disease
  • Cancer
  • Unintentional Injuries
  • Chronic Respiratory Diseases
  • Stroke
  • Diabetes

Prevention and the development of a healthy lifestyle are essential for all men. Here are a few tips for lifestyle and preventative measures to live a long, incredible life!

1) Quit Smoking

Smoking tobacco products has been proven to lead to the development of cancers and should be avoided as a habit. In addition, the conscious avoidance of secondhand smoke, pollution, and chemicals will benefit your lung health over the years. 

2) Maintain a Healthy Weight

By living within a health Body Mass Index (BMI) you’ll reduce strain on your body and reduce risks of chronic diseases, including heart disease and more. 

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3) Exercise Regularly

Exercise can help you control your weight, lower your risk of heart condition and stroke, and contribute to an overall healthy lifestyle. Choose activities you enjoy, like tennis, basketball, or walking. Try to achieve 30 minutes of physical activity on a daily basis. The benefits of exercise are many and include: Lower risk of diabetes, reduced cholesterol, reduced depression and anxiety, increased testosterone levels, stronger bones, and a longer life.

Walking or for only half an hour can help reduce your risk of many health problems. Take the time to maintain physical activity and it will pay dividends in the long term. 

4) Limit alcohol

The recommendation of limiting alcohol is capped at up to 2 drinks each day for those 65 and younger. Increased exposure to alcohol over a lifespan can lead to varied sorts of cancer, heart attack, and stroke. If you find yourself drinking more than the recommended limit, replace the alcoholic beverage with an alternative, such as a sparking water or tea. 

5) Manage stress

In years past, the discussion of mental health for men has been a taboo topic. However, the rates of depression and anxiety for men have been on a steady increase for the last twenty years. Effectively managing stress through the use of exercise, meditation, and counseling can lead to many positive outcomes in your life. 

6) Eat a healthy diet

Fuel your body with what will nourish you most. This includes vegetables, fruits, whole grains, high-fiber foods, and lean sources of protein. Limit foods high in saturated and trans fats, and foods with added sugar and sodium.

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Incrediwear and a Healthy Lifestyle

5" Bandage Wrap

The Incrediwear Bandage Wrap has many benefits and can play an important role in the life of a man. Benefits of Incrediwear 5’’ bandage wrap are:

  • It helps to reduce inflammation and swelling
  • It helps to relieve pain.
  • It helps to accelerate recovery for those suffering from acute or chronic injuries. 

Men's Performance Pants

The Incrediwear Men’s Performance Pants are great for athletic men, enhancing the ability to perform by accelerating the body’s ability to recover. 

Elbow Sleeve

The Incrediwear Elbow Sleeve accelerates and relieves pain for those suffering from acute or chronic elbow injuries and conditions.

Hip Brace

The Incrediwear Hip Brace relieves pain and accelerates recovery for hip and thigh related injuries or conditions.

Back Brace

The Incrediwear Back Braces reduces inflammation, relieves pain and discomfort, and accelerates recovery of lumbar injuries and conditions. 


Understanding health risks is the first step in leading a healthy lifestyle. However, it is not effective unless you take action on it. Start by making healthy lifestyle choices, one at a time, and speak to a professional if you need additional guidance. One small habit change could change your life! 

“A wise man ought to realize that health is his most valuable possession.” – Hippocrates

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