Women's Health Week

Last week was Women's Health Week! It’s a week set aside to remember just how strong women's bodies are, as well as a reminder about making health a priority, even in these difficult times. We wanted to keep the health celebration going by continuing to celebrate women's health this week, next week, and every week to come.

Women's health week

Women spend all year taking care of others with their selfless actions – but now is the time to take care of yourself! Here are a few things you can do to show yourself a little extra healthy love this week (and every week).

  • Schedule a check-up. Perhaps you’ve been putting it off for months now. Whether it's for a routine pap smear, your first mammogram, or even just a quick blood test, you're just one phone call away from knowledge your body is a-ok! Speak with a medical professional if you are experiencing symptoms or encountering mental health issues. 
  • Sleep in. This is a great time to ask your family to help you catch up on some sleep. See if you can get at least 7 hours each night. The mental and physical benefits are many, including increased immune system response and more energy during the day. 
  • Eat healthy. A heart-healthy diet will do wonders for your long-term health. Try a new diet not only for potential weight lost benefits but to nourish yourself and maintain lifelong health.
  • Manage stress. Are you worrying about the current pandemic and the state of the world? Us too. A great way to get through it is to chat with others. Smartphone applications like Talk Space offer access to mental health specialists who can call, text or even video chat whenever you need it. Alternatively, give an old friend a call for a catch up!
  • Exercise! Staying active is a perfect way to boost endorphins, maintain a healthy weight, and give your muscles and joints a little lovin'. Going for a run or establishing a consistent yoga routine is a great place to start!

We can help! Try these products while exercising, gardening, shopping, or relaxing! Give your body some much-deserved, natural pain relief and anti-inflammatory recovery.

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Remember, your health is yours alone. It's a unique, lifelong journey. Make it a priority and take care of yourself, ladies!

Happy Women's Health Week! 


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