Triathlete-Tested: Incrediwear’s Leg Sleeve and Muscle Relief

Triathletes are among the most elite, well-rounded, and hardest-working competitors you’ll come across. The combination of swimming, biking, and running in a single day is enough activity to make most of us work up a sweat just thinking about it. By exerting a variety of muscle groups in the body, triathletes were the ideal candidates for a study on the effectiveness of the Incrediwear Leg Sleeve. Conducted by K2 Sciences, top-level triathletes from around the country participated in a five-day evaluation of muscle fatigue. The study found that the consistent use of the leg sleeve dramatically reduced muscle soreness and tenderness, while improving muscle tone and looseness. 

Triathlete Nic Dougall

Incrediwear triathlete, Nic Dougall

There are many dynamic benefits of using Incrediwear’s anti-inflammatory therapy products, which increase circulation, bringing oxygen and nutrients to the affected area. By reducing inflammation and swelling, relieving pain, and accelerating recovery, the study participants saw a noticeable improvement in their day-to-day recovery during training. Incrediwear’s non-invasive wearable technology is quickly becoming the standard of care for injury prevention and post-surgical procedures. Whether you’re an elite triathlete training for a competition or a postoperative patient regaining mobility, the Incrediwear leg sleeve may be the muscle relief you’ve been looking for. 

The Study Overview

The Triathlete study was conducted in 2018 by members of the USC Division of Biokinesiology and Physical Therapy. Participants included 20 triathletes who, during five days of training, filled out questionnaires before and after their daily activity. The Incrediwear Leg Sleeve was worn on one leg for the duration of the study and the difference between the leg with the sleeve and the leg without was recorded and compared. The training volume of each participant during the study was the (almost) equivalent of an Iron Man competition: 

  • Swim: 7.5 Miles
  • Bike: 98.6 Miles
  • Run 27.1 Miles

The athlete responses of pre and post workout muscle observations were recorded each day. The sleeve was worn by the athletes overnight and in the morning before training. After training, the leg sleeve was to be put back on. The questionnaires polled athletes about leg soreness, muscle tone suppleness, muscle looseness, and the tenderness of the leg muscles while foam rolling.

The Results

The leg that wore the Incrediwear Leg Sleeve saw statistically significant results including:


  • 25% Decrease in Muscle Soreness
  • 50% Increase in Muscle Suppleness 
  • 24% Increase in Muscle Looseness
  • 36% Decrease in Muscle Tenderness


Triathlete Study

Overall, Incrediwear’s proprietary blend fabric Leg Sleeve dramatically reduced muscle soreness and tenderness, while improving muscle tone and looseness during the five-day training study with elite triathletes. Even if you’re not looking to compete in a triathlete competition, the Incrediwear Leg Sleeve may be the muscle recovery and performance solution you’ve been looking for. 



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