3 Simple Ways to Rid Yourself of Chronic Pain

If you’re in pain, you’re not alone

One in five American adults — 50 million people — have chronic pain.

Doctors may recommend medication, surgery, and other extreme measures to help, but you may be surprised that there are simple lifestyle changes that you can integrate into your day to help you feel better right away.

After all, no one likes misery, even if you’re in good company!

Try checking out these 5 habits that can make a surprisingly big difference to help you rid yourself of chronic pain:

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Wear Incrediwear Products

Unless you’re a professional athlete, you probably haven’t heard about the modern technology now used in products that help increase circulation and reduce inflammation. Now, this dramatic improvement from outdated compression stockings is available to the public with Incrediwear Products. They provide even greater relief than traditional (and uncomfortable) compression.

Incrediwear is made from materials that work directly with your body to increase blood flow and oxygen into the targeted area. This presents the right environment for the body to naturally heal itself, even from years of chronic pain.

You can wear Incrediwear products in bed each night or throw on a sleeve, sock, glove, or brace right before a workout to help prevent pain. For example, you can address tendonitis, joint pain, arthritis, and ligament injuries of the knee and leg by wearing an Incrediwear knee brace during the day and a leg sleeve at night.

Those with chronic pain in the arm, whether it’s from muscle fatigue, lymphedema, tendonitis, or simply swelling, could dramatically benefit from wearing an Incrediwear elbow sleeve during the day and a full arm sleeve in bed at night.

To address plantar fasciitis and other chronic pain of the foot or ankle, wear an Incrediwear ankle sleeve during the day and a circulation sock at night. Or if the chronic pain is coming from carpal tunnel syndrome, arthritis, or other issues in your hands or wrist, an Incrediwear wrist sleeve can be worn during the day and a circulation glove at night.

Finally, chronic back pain, disc injuries, pinched nerves, or rib pain can feel better with the help of an Incrediwear back brace for daytime wear and a body sleeve in bed at night.

Eat Your Greens

Experts are noticing that some root causes of chronic pain can be addressed better with shifts in what people eat. Switching away from highly processed, refined carbohydrates like white bread, as well as avoiding fried foods, soda, red meat, and margarine will make a big difference. Instead, you can add more greens to your plate.

Greens come in many shapes and even colors: kale, broccoli, lettuces, boy choy, sprouts, celery, cabbages, Brussels sprouts, collards, and more are considered “greens.” The darker the veggie, the more nutritious, too.

Greens help chronic pain by reducing inflammation and also healing the digestive tract, which also can be impacted as a result of certain diseases and lifestyles. Greens help to stabilize blood sugar and even supports your immune system.

Minimize Stress

People living with chronic pain are more likely to have problems sleeping, which in turn can make the day-to-day tasks and events of everyday life feel simply harder. If your days feel overwhelming, sometimes you just need to give your body a rest. Before you work to improve your sleep quality, start by minimizing the stress that builds up when you’re awake.

Consider integrating gentle movements into your day, even if it’s just a 20-minute walk or a 30-minute chair yoga routine. Exercise can help get your blood flowing as well as lets you breathe fully and deeply. Stretch before and after any exercise, and never feel you have to do more than you’re ready for.

You may have heard about the power of meditation to reduce stress, but another surprising way to help is by creating a gratitude journal. Writing down 10 things you’re grateful for every day will help reprogram your brain to look for more examples, such as laughing with your friends and family or enjoying time alone with a warm, candlelit bath, or a good movie.

Changing Your Lifestyle Can Help Reduce Chronic Pain

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It may be surprising to learn that there’s a lot that you can do for yourself to alleviate chronic pain in your life. But in order for these tips to work, you must be consistent. A salad once a month isn’t going to do much, just as wearing Incrediwear products one time won’t yield the same benefits as regular use.

Even simple lifestyle changes can take dedication and time to be effective, but the effort will be worth it as you begin to see improvements in your chronic pain.

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