Find Out What Natural Remedy is the Future of Pain Relief

“I Couldn’t Believe What I Was Seeing!”

Phil, a backpacker and blogger from Lewisville, North Carolina, was gearing up for a two-week hike through the Highlands of Scotland when the unthinkable happened: He injured his already-fragile knee while carrying moving boxes upstairs. 

After a couple of weekends on the couch, he wasn’t sure he’d be able to complete his long-planned trip. Having grown up in the United Kingdom, hiking those hills with his grandfather, he was so excited to return. But his knee was in pain.

He considered cashing in his trip insurance and rescheduling the whole adventure. He found himself in a bit of a desperate conversation with his pharmacist, who told him about a revolutionary product that professional athletes had been using with impressive results.

Phil bought an Incrediwear knee sleeve and went right home to try it on. Once the sleeve’s target was over his sore knee, he couldn’t believe what he was seeing — and feeling!

“It immediately made a difference and helped me decide to go ahead with the trip,” he wrote in an independent review for Trail Space. “190 miles later at the end of a trip of a lifetime, I have the Incrediwear knee brace to thank.”

Years of Pain … Gone!

Phil had battled knee pain for much of his life, and he’s tried a handful of braces over the years. He played soccer for 20 years, resulting in multiple times on crutches due to injuries. Then, years ago he was in a serious car accident, which drove the ignition and key under his kneecap.

Ever since, his right knee would ache frequently. The injury made it challenging to enjoy his favorite outdoor activities, which included day hikes, canoeing, and backpacking.

“Not bad enough to warrant going under a knife, but enough that it has inspired multiple braces,” Phil wrote. “Uphills ache a bit, but downhills absolutely killed me until I discovered the magic of trekking poles instead of a hiking stick.”

But the real magic came when he started wearing Incrediwear. Even while hiking around 15 miles a day in Scotland, he said he never once felt pain again.

Incrediwear Products Are Different

Made with semiconductor elements like carbon-infused polyester and germanium-infused nylon, the sleeves, socks, gloves, and braces are fundamentally different from uncomfortable compression sleeves. Instead, the state-of-the-art material increases blood flow and optimizes the healing process.

It works directly with the body’s own heat, so Incrediwear is anti-inflammatory therapy. It brings more circulation, oxygen, and nutrients to a targeted area, alleviating the pain. 

In fact, a study by the Orthopaedic Journal of Sports Medicine showed that Incrediwear products are a viable treatment option for anybody with low-grade osteoarthritis who wants to manage their pain.

Phil started wearing his Incrediwear knee sleeve in the weeks leading up his trip to Scotland, and he found pain relief quickly.

“This brace immediately made my knee feel better and gave me the confidence that it was worth trying to go on my relatively long walk,” he said. “Wearing the brace for a week before my trip allowed for some healing to take place without going to complete immobility, which was not practical with my job.”

Knee Sleeve Is Comfortable for All-Day Wear

With his Incrediwear knee sleeve, trekking poles, and the rest of his gear, Phil took off for his hiking trip to Scotland. The Highlands include some uneven, challenging terrain, but the long days of hiking were no problem.

“I was able to scramble and climb through heather and over fences without worries,” he said. “While wearing the brace, I never had a moment (that I can recall) where I tweaked my knee — a common problem for me usually. “

One day on his trip, he was enjoying some off-trail scrambles when he strained his left knee. He decided to switch the Incrediwear sleeve from his right knee for the afternoon. By the next morning, his left knee felt fine and he returned the sleeve to his injured knee and continued the hike.

Phil found the brace was “extremely comfortable.” He was able to wear it throughout the day, without even thinking of removing it during breaks. It didn’t bunch up or slide down his knee, and it never got too hot.

“The brace is very breathable and wicks moisture away from my skin, so it doesn’t stay clammy,” he wrote. “It felt fine from the start and didn’t restrict my mobility, cut off circulation, or feel uncomfortable.”

Incrediwear “Saved My Trip”

Phil credited the Incrediwear product for his ability to complete a hiking trip that meant so much to him. It was a natural remedy for pain relief that he plans to rely on to help his knee feel great on all his walks.

Even when wearing it constantly for months, he said he’s barely noticed any wear-and-tear. The high-quality product will help alleviate his pain for years to come. He added that he’s purchased a lot of knee braces, and Incrediwear is by far the best.

“This knee brace saved my trip — enough said,” he wrote. “But if you want more, the Incrediwear Knee Brace is a good balance of support, comfort, and healing with few negatives.”

Phil Isn’t the Only One to Find Pain Relief

Besides Phil, hundreds of people are wowed by Incrediwear. Just ask Judie Hawkins, who wrote a review for the Austin Medical Center.

“My husband has your incredible Incredisocks and loves them. My sister-in-law has an Incredibrace from her pain specialist for a compound fracture on her knee,” Judie wrote. “Her physical therapist can't believe the swelling has diminished so quickly!”

Don Chartrand, the marketing manager for a trade show in Vancouver, said he decided to try Incrediwear circulation socks to alleviate foot pain that came from his diabetes.

“At the end of the long day of walking the tradeshow floor usually my feet are exhausted and very swollen from a long day on them. That day, however, my feet were definitely not the same. They felt pretty good!” he wrote. “My wife was totally flabbergasted at the look of my feet. They were not swollen in the least. I now wear Incredisocks every day.”

For more testimonials of people who can’t believe how well Incrediwear products work, check out the Incrediwear YouTube page today.

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