7 Products To Provide Comfort During Chemotherapy

When undergoing chemotherapy, your medical team takes great care to make sure you’re comfortable and tended to. At first, the sessions may seem daunting and you may not know the coping mechanisms that will best suit you. But although the length and number of sessions of each visit vary from patient to patient, there are amenities and items you can bring that make your experience more pleasant.

From reclining in a cushioned chair, to remembering a good book , we’ll cover some of our top suggestions for items that make your chemotherapy experience more comfortable:

Bed Tray

At the top of the list is a bed tray, a bedside staple that will make everything more convenient, from eating and reading to playing a game. Some hospitals provide them, but there may be a model out there that better suits you.

Satin Pillowcases and Blankets

Sometimes during radiation therapy, the areas of skin being treated can become sensitive and easily irritated. Replace your pillowcases with a soft, silky, smooth version for ultimate comfort. If you’re experiencing sensitivity across your whole body, look for a blanket to stay warm without the risk of irritation. If that seems cumbersome, a good heated blanket will also provide much deserved warmth and soothing comfort whenever it’s needed.

Wearable Anti-Inflammatory

Garments that increase circulation - such as ones made by Incrediwear - can be extremely beneficial. Certain chemotherapy drugs can lower the number of white and red blood cells produced, and also increase the risk of blood clots. This in turn can lead to swelling and pain, or increase your cold sensitivity. Incrediwear products use Carbon and Germanium infused fabric that accelerate and increase blood flow - in turn, reducing pain, inflammation and discomfort. Although we have a wide array of garments to choose from that cover nearly every body part, our Circulation Gloves and Socks are a good place to start.

Luxurious Toiletries

With fatigue in question, it’s easiest to have every amenity you need within reach. That’s why a no rinse personal care solution is a great choice for staying fresh without having to leave the comfort of your bed. You may also suffer from dry or itchy skin, so keeping unscented (a good idea in case you have sensitivity to smell during treatment) body lotion at arm’s reach will allow you to stay moisturized at all times.

A Good Mug

Nosey cups allow you to drink while laying down. The cut formation of the edge of the cup allows you to easily sip without any spills. Alternatively, a large insulated mug will allow you to keep whatever you’re drinking the temperature you want it for a lengthy treatment. Hydration is so important, so investing in a 24 or 32 ounce option will be a great choice. 

Adjustable Wedge Pillow

This convertible wedge-shaped pillow allows for multiple sitting positions, as well as a comfortably angled lying position. A great choice for people who want a variety of comfort but are restricted to bed.

Pic: Courtesy of Andrea Schoen, an Abilitee Ambassador

Port Access Shirts

The last entry on this list not only maximizes your comfort, but makes your treatment specialists’ job a whole lot easier. Sectioned areas of the clothing are designated with snaps or buttons to make for treatment locations easily accessed. When you’re in the middle of treatment, removing clothes and undressing can feel tedious and draining, so pick up a good amount of these garments to stay comfy. We like the selection from Abilitee Adaptive Wear.

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