Hip Brace

  • The Incrediwear Hip Brace relieves pain and accelerates recovery for hip and thigh related injuries or conditions. Available either for the left and right hip, the Hip Brace can be worn during or after activity without restricting mobility to provide pain relief and post-activity recovery.

    For best results, wear the Hip Brace to alleviate symptoms associated with:

    • Piriformis Syndrome
    • Sciatica
    • TFL Syndrome
    • Hip or Upper Leg Surgery
    • Arthritis
    • Groin Injuries

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Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews
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    Jordan S.
    United States United States
    Great device but doesn’t replace surgery

    I feel that it is definitely an assist to a bone on bone hip. I wear it when I play golf. It gives me more freedom of mobility and less pain. It is not perfect but it’s the best thing I’ve found so far.

    Paula B.
    United States United States
    Great product

    My husband tore a hip ligament and this product really helped get him through recovery. We bought two and he used then until he felt better!

    Emily D.
    United States United States
    Okay Product, Not As Well Designed for the Curvy (Surprise IFAQ)

    This is a product that I am so far "eh" about, though unlike the other products that I have tried so far (knee sleeve, sleeveless gloves, and socks) I have a few prominent reasons for disliking So I have prepared a selection of InFrequently Asked Questions to answer some of the burning questions just in case, like for your browsers, the customer reviews section would wipe itself from existence whenever you had the audacity to click on the button "Questions". Q: Will I have any problems if I have an unusual Hip:Waist ratio? (I have the hips of size x, but the waist of size y) A: This sleeve is most ideal for those with a narrower Hip:Waist ratio (I have a 0.72 ratio on average,) because the elastic relies on looping around the area mid rise jeans would rest. My guess for W:H ratios larger than 1 is that you would have the biggest risk of the the elastic sagging down, but as long as you have a somewhat prominent dip for the elastic to fall into between your hip and waist, it shouldn't be as big of a problem. Those with a lower ratio will find that the elastic will move north quicker than a flock of birds falling behind schedule before the summer heatwave and find it tugging at your spine instead of the hip bone area. If this product gets remade, there should be a way to secure the elastic in a downward direction, like a secondary leg loop, or the loop portion of the closure being lower on the leg instead of higher on the waist, to counteract the slope towards the waist. Even better, if a dual hip variant gets made, that would erase the need for disproportionate pressure along the spine, and I wouldn't need to pick and choose which hip needs the sleeve more. This lower hip ratio is also a concern for the hook and loop closure, as I find the loop strip to be in a good position for the lower hooks, but not the upper hooks, (or opposite) so it has already acquired quite a bit of fabric damage from the closures being unproperly fastened. Q: Could I wear the right sleeve on the left hip (and vise versa)? A: Shortest answer, if you are able to secure it from the back, yes. For the crotch opening, it swoops out further on the proper back side to accommodate for your booty cheeks, and narrower in the front. Aside from the obvious elastic closure, those are the only two differences I could identify. If you only have the budget for one sleeve, obviously pick the one you need help for the most, but it's okay to wear backwards. For my own personal use, since my hip problems are towards the back of the hip joint, and my junk in the front needs more room than wearing it properly provides, wearing it backwards is ideal for myself Q: Do I layer this over or under my underwear? (Could I wear this like a garter belt?) A: It seems that the sleeve has been designed for either a short period of time over underwear while you're awake or for a longer period of time when asleep. As stated above, "(The crotch hole) swoops out further on the proper back side to accommodate for your booty cheeks, and narrower in the front.", but that seems counterproductive to what I'm looking for in a hip sleeve. I need both something to support me for the 8 hour shift I am on my feet as well as support for when I do my fortnightly leg day, so the narrower crotch area in the front makes me worries that I will get "something" on it when I use the bathroom, but this is a minor concern in comparison to my issues with the elastic closure. (Unless you are a ****** who layers underwear under their garter belt for aesthetic rather than over for allowing yourself to **** when you need to, yes you can wear this like a garter belt) Q: Could I get the support that I need from this? A: Yes! My other qualms aside, this product has already helped me immensely! With the colder weather, my hip has been regressing, but with the sleeve, not only does it give the hip an extra layer, but encourages circulation, so every day that I have worn this for work or working out, it has prevented the escalation of hip pain for whichever one I have worn it for. I can stay on my feet for longer! I do find myself increasingly worried about my spine as the elastic won't stay in place, and for those with a similar W:H ratio of 0.7 (give or take a bit), take that into heavy consideration before purchasing. I am planning on buying more "hoops" for the closure and making a couple other sewing adjustments, but compared to the dream that was the knee sleeve, I was disappointed.

    Jesse O.
    United States United States

    I get occasional SI Joint flare ups that cause some sciatica pain. This has taken my recovery time down by 50%. Highly recommend.

    Robert B.
    United States United States
    Hip Brace

    Awesome... I think I need another pair.

    What Professionals Are Saying

    Dr. Rahul Desai, Founder of RestorePDX's Photo

    “This is something that I think is game-changing. It’s something that works when you’re wearing it, working when we’re sleeping and it’s actually activating the tissues. I believe in the next 10-15 years that this will be the standard of care.”

    Dr. Rahul Desai, Founder of RestorePDX

    Jason Miller, Jason Miller, NBA Athletic Trainer's Photo

    “We are proud to again partner with Incrediwear as an integral part of our recovery strategy. We are extremely happy to continue working with such a great company like Incrediwear and look forward to another successful season together.”

    Jason Miller, Jason Miller, NBA Athletic Trainer

    Alessandra Pichelli, Pro Crossfit Games Athlete's Photo

    “I’ve used the Arm and Wrist Sleeves for years in competition and love the way they feel!”

    Alessandra Pichelli, Pro Crossfit Games Athlete