Why body sleeves are good for your sore back?

A sore back can give you sleepless nights. Sitting for long hours in the same posture, or sitting and bending in the wrong position can cause your back pain. Taking care of your back is crucial to carry on your day-to-day activities. If you have underlying health conditions like autoimmune disease, arthritis, slip discs, herniated discs, etc., the chances are also high that you may experience acute back pain for most of your life. So, if you experience pain in your back due to any physical issue or accident, it is advised to use a support strap, belt, or body sleeve to prevent your joints and muscles from getting any unwanted jerks.

What are body sleeves?

A body sleeve is like a back brace, which supports the back or core and manages to reduce any discomfort caused due to joint or muscle inflammation. Body sleeves are flexible and are made from breathable material to cause less discomfort when worn for a long time. You can pull the body sleeve up or down to the desired location. You can also trust body sleeves for better pain management, back support, and optimal blood flow in the target area.

Compression garments are not commonly recommended for injured or sore areas, as they prevent the optimum blood flow, delaying the healing process. They can restrict your free movement and prevent the inflamed area from healing. Hence, while choosing the best back and core support, it is recommended to look for their construction. At Incrediwear, you can get some of the best body sleeve wears that offer better healing than traditional compression.

Wear Incrediwear for better results

Incrediwear body sleeves are made from breathable materials that work directly on human skin and increase blood flow to the affected area. They offer the optimum environment for the body to begin the healing process naturally. You can wear Incrediwear body sleeves without any worry during working out to help prevent pain. With our body sleeves, you can address injured core and back caused due to accident, arthritis, surgery, etc. Incrediwear body sleeves are ideal to be worn during the day and in bed at night.

What to look for in a Body Sleeve?

  • Targeted Support- Before purchasing a body sleeve, look for the sleeves you can wear around your back and core areas, and can adjust up or down as per your need.
  • Construction Materials- If your body sleeve is leaving you sweltering and preventing your movements, look for a more constructed flexible product. The best body sleeves are supposed to be made with breathable materials and support optimal blood flow.
  • Proper Maintenance: If you plan to wear the body sleeve under your clothes, go for a washable one. Even if you are wearing it over your clothes, a washable body sleeve is the best choice.


Pain can cause a high level of discomfort, and the wrong back brace can cause more harm. So, ditch those traditional compression back braces and choose Incrediwear body sleeves that suit you the best to prevent the alleviation of your back, core, and rib pain. Their body sleeves can be used if you are suffering from symptoms associated with herniated discs, rib pain, breast augmentation, pinched nerves, etc.

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