The Icing Effect with Incrediwear

Medically Reviewed By | Johannah Gregg, DNP FNP-C

What Are Incrediwear Sleeves and How Do They Work?

Incrediwear technology is based on negative ions. Our fabric is embedded with Carbon and Germanium. When the fabric is dry, it supports blood flow and lymphatic drainage. When water is added, the negative ions are activated even more intensely. As a result, heat is kicked out of the deep tissue, providing an icing effect. 

What's important is that blood flow is still stimulated at the same time so this icing method doesn't cause tissue damage like the traditional R.I.C.E method. This is why Incrediwear can be used for icing, even for an hour or more! 

How Can You Make the Most of Cold Therapy?

Whether you've overexerted at the gym or twisted an ankle, the age-old advice usually handed out is to ice the injured area. But knowing when and how to use ice effectively can make all the difference in your recovery journey.

When Should You Ice An Injury?

Typically, ice is most beneficial immediately after an acute injury. Think of those moments after a sports-related incident, like an ankle sprain or a muscle pull. 

Cold therapy helps the body constrict the blood vessels, which can soothe swelling and discomfort. Cold therapy is your best bet if you have a new injury resulting in swelling or inflammation (acute injuries).

How Should You Ice An Injury?

Ice Pack or Incrediwear? While traditional methods involve using an ice pack, with Incrediwear's unique technology, you can achieve the same icing effect using water. 

It offers a combination of healthy blood flow and the cooling sensation that traditional ice packs provide.

  • Duration: Apply the cold treatment for 15 to 20 minutes. Over-icing can lead to frostbite or hamper healing by restricting necessary blood flow for too long.
  • Method: Never place the ice or cold pack directly onto the skin. Use a cloth or an Incrediwear product as a barrier to prevent tissue damage.
  • Repetition: If using traditional methods, allow the affected area to return to its regular temperature before icing again. For continuous relief without overdoing it, trust in Incrediwear's technology.

While icing with Incrediwear technology, such as the Back Brace, keep the following tips in mind:

  • The hotter the water, the more intense the icing effect - you'll be surprised! Please be mindful that hot water can burn, however.
  • The surface of the fabric won't be cold to the touch! It will actually become warm since it will accumulate heat from the body.
  • Outside air temperatures need to be 62 degrees Fahrenheit or hotter.

By being informed and cautious about when and how to ice, you're making the right strides in your health and recovery process. Remember, your body's response to treatment is unique, so always pay attention to how it feels, and when in doubt, consult a healthcare professional.

How to ice

Types of Injuries That Benefit From the Icing Effect

Injuries are par for the course in the vast world of sports and active lifestyles. But did you know that not all injuries should be treated equally? For instance, a sudden twist or fall can lead to an acute injury, leaving you with a throbbing ankle sprain or a painful bout of tendonitis. 

Then there are those pesky muscle spasms that catch you off guard. Before you use ice packs or jump to heat treatments, consider the injury type. 

Incrediwear is your secret weapon, especially when you're looking to combat inflammation and soreness without resorting to the traditional R.I.C.E. method. 

The next time your hamstring sings a painful tune or you find yourself nursing a sprained joint, give Incrediwear a go. Your body will thank you.

Comparing Traditional and Incrediwear Icing Methods

Navigating the world of injury treatments can be a maze. On one hand, we have the tried-and-true R.I.C.E. method with its familiar cold therapy and cryotherapy. On the other hand, Incrediwear redefines how we approach ice therapy. But what sets them apart? 

Traditional methods often involve the cumbersome process of wrapping an ice pack around the injured area, and let’s not forget those ice cubes threatening to leak from a plastic bag. Enter Incrediwear. 

Not only does it kick the heat out of deep tissue, but it also ensures a consistent boost in blood flow, a cornerstone of the healing process. So, before you dunk that sprained ankle into a bucket of ice, remember there's an alternative that promotes healing without the mess or risk.

The Science Behind Ice and Heat Treatments

It's easy to lump ice therapy and heat treatment into the same bucket but dive a bit deeper, and their distinctions are crystal clear. When we use ice, it works to constrict blood vessels, reducing inflammation and numbing the area. 

On the flip side, heat treatment, like a warm heating pad, relaxes and opens up blood vessels, promoting circulation. Incrediwear cleverly marries the best of both worlds with its embedded Carbon and Germanium. 

When wet, it gives that deep chill to soothe the tissues and simultaneously ramps up blood flow. It's this dual action that sets it apart, ensuring you get pain relief without compromising the health of the surrounding tissues.

Engaging Professionals in Your Recovery Process

Seeking advice isn't a sign of weakness, especially when it concerns our body's well-being. If you're confused about whether to use ice or heat, or how Incrediwear might benefit you, a physical therapist or orthopedic specialist can offer tailored advice. Remember, these injuries, be it soft tissue injuries or ligament issues, have nuances that sometimes go beyond the cold and warm debate.

Sports medicine has evolved over the years, and today's professionals are equipped with a deep understanding of treatments, from traditional cold packs to modern marvels like Incrediwear. So, if that ankle sprain isn't improving or the chronic pain persists, don't hesitate. 

Whether it's advice on overuse, tips to improve recovery time, or recommendations on physical therapy, a healthcare professional can be an invaluable ally.

While Incrediwear brings innovative solutions to the table, remember to view it as a tool in the broader journey of your recovery. Collaborate with professionals, understand your injury, and let treatments like Incrediwear amplify your journey to pain-free days.

Wrapping Up

Incrediwear offers a revolutionary approach to injury management, blending the benefits of traditional treatments with cutting-edge technology. As you navigate your recovery journey, remember the power of informed choices, expert guidance, and embracing innovations that prioritize your well-being. Your path to healing just became a bit more incredible.


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this looks neato, but for safety and product integrity, can you provide updated instructions with a little more specific detail? how about a temperature range for the water? would hot tap water do? the photo of the pot on the stove seems to imply boiling or near-boiling, which seems too much…

jena w May 03, 2023

This was a cool way to ice but now it’s wet and I have to wait quite a while to wear it

MacDougall Kristin April 17, 2023

Does this work with the back brace?

Jayne Power March 16, 2023

Hi Roger, yes, this method will work with any of our sleeves!

Incrediwear Team February 13, 2023

I got one of your wrist sleeves for my son. Does this icing method also work with that sleeve?

Roger Riggs February 13, 2023

Hi Joe, we are so sorry to hear this. Please contact our customer services team ( with your order number and they will be able to look into this for you.

Incrediwear Team October 19, 2022

Hi Efrain and Dawn, yes, you can do this same technique with any of our sleeves!

Incrediwear Team October 19, 2022

Hi Abu and Deborah, yes, you can do this same technique with any of our sleeves!

Incrediwear Team October 19, 2022

Hi Richard, great to hear it worked for you!

Incrediwear Team October 18, 2022

Sounds awesome. Can hardly wait to try it. I have knee sleeves and an ankle. Will report back when I have tried it.

Maureen Clifton October 18, 2022

I ordered knee pads and never received them. Paid in full with a debit card. What is going on?? It’s been over a month.

Joe kondrath October 19, 2022

Can this be done with the knee sleeve?

efrain morfin October 19, 2022

After my workout I sit in the sauna, can I wear my knee sleeve while in the sauna. Hope it does not damage the sleeve

Mani October 19, 2022

Does this work with the shoulder brace?

Louise pare October 19, 2022

It works! I was blown away! A nice even chill all the way around my knee! AWESOME! Thanks for the tip!!

Richard Sanders October 18, 2022

Can the same be used for knee wear ?

Dawn October 19, 2022

Can I wear it iced while I’m doing my 5 mile walk?

Sherrie Sampson September 20, 2020

Can the icing effect be done with knee sleeve and hip brace?

Deborah July 08, 2020

Can this be done with other incrediwear products ? Like the elbow and wrist sleeves ??

Abu Dhakal June 22, 2020

I have two elbow sleeves , this really works!!

Marc Becker June 22, 2020

Love this idea, can’t wait to try it!

June June 22, 2020

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