The $40 Pain Relief Solution Professional Athletes Know and You Don’t!

Most professional athletes get plenty of massages, stretch every day with their private trainers, and even have personal chefs prepare healthy foods that help them regulate their electrolytes and stay hydrated.

Not everyone’s got that kind of money to spend on helping their bodies feel better!

The pros also use another system that helps muscles recover faster after a workout to minimize pain and even avoid injuries. It’s affordable, too. More than 1,000 professional players use a modern technology called Incrediwear.

Incrediwear integrates proprietary fabric that increases circulation without compression. The sleeves, gloves, braces, and socks can be worn both day and night to support the body’s natural recovery process. Here’s why so many professional athletes rely on this technology — and why you should, too.

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“RICE” Doesn’t Work

What you may have been told by your doctor about how to prevent and heal sports-related injuries is probably outdated. In the past, physical therapists working with professional athletes and everyday active people encouraged the RICE Method, or “Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevation.”

Now, it turns out that process could delay recovery. Instead, doctors recommend that athletes and others battling injury and pain increase blood flow to the targeted area to help with healing. When fresh blood is able to flood the damaged area, it brings along new cells and proteins to start the natural repair process.

Incrediwear sleeves and braces are designed to reduce the swelling, which addresses a significant source of pain, without using uncomfortable compression methods. With this technology, you’re able to move your body, which also facilitates the healing and recovery process with fresh oxygen and improved blood flow.

Proprietary Fabric Makes Compression Unnecessary

The high-tech fabric, which is found only in Incrediwear products, is scientifically proven to rapidly improve circulation. These braces, sleeves, socks, and circulation gloves integrate semiconductor elements of Germanium and Carbon to release negative ions when in contact with body heat.

Those negative ions then activate vibrations on a cellular level, which in turn increases the amount of blood flowing to the injury for improved recovery time. Instead of relying on compression, it increases circulation. 

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Incrediwear Works For Many Different Sports

Professionals can’t rely on outdated research or fad products to help them find relief from pain, so they look for studies that prove what works.

A study with Major League Soccer pros reported a 46% faster recovery with Incrediwear products, and a study with triathletes found a 25% decrease in muscle soreness using these powerful products. Another study with distance runners confirmed a 17% decrease in muscle fatigue, as well.

From rugby to soccer to basketball players, many different kinds of professional athletes use Incrediwear regularly to make a difference in their recovery and performance. Influential ambassadors include:


EF Education-NIPPO Cycling Team

With 10 years of experience in cycling, the EF Education-NIPPO Cycling Team is the longest-running team based in the United States. That means these 30 pro riders, who represent 15 nationalities, have seen their share of injuries and soreness.

Each member of this pro cycling team rides more than 20,000 miles in a year. Instead of worrying about muscle recovery, they work with EF Education First to improve education opportunities throughout the world.


Snowboarder Terje Håkonsen

As a freestyle professional snowboarder, Terje Håkonsen is considered one of the greatest of all time. He flows through terrains that range from free-riding powder to big mountains to high in the skies. In 2007, he set the world record for scoring the highest air, which was 9.8 meters above the top of the quarterpipe.

This Norwegian native doesn’t have time to let pain stop him from reaching new heights, which is why he uses Incrediwear products.


Sprinter Phil Healy

Born in Ireland, Phil Healy turned to Incrediwear products when she was recovering from a foot fracture that came as she was competing in races around the world. She said the ankle sleeve was able to provide support without reducing mobility. That shed the time she needed in rehab — and timing is pretty important to her.

She made news with perhaps the greatest athletic comebacks of all time at the IUAA Women’s 4x400 Relay Final and broke the 100-meter national record in 2018.


Pro Crossfit Athletic Alessandra Pichelli

Crossfit is an especially challenging sport that can result in injuries and pain if athletes aren’t careful. That’s why Canadian Alessandra Pichelli relies on Incrediwear arm and wrist sleeves during both training and competitions.

Previously a Division One rower, she turned to Crossfit in 2010 and has been competing in events ever since. She credits consistency for her success, and that includes simply showing up to train and caring for herself afterward, too.


MotoCross Rider Stine Hettervik

Stine Hettervik is a Norwegian motocross athlete and a sports nutritionist who takes her Incrediwear products with her as she travels the United States. In particular, she uses the knee sleeve, back brace, and circulation gloves to help her reduce any pain that may creep up during and after competitions.

Riding motocross comes with plenty of crashes, bumps, and bruises on the track, but she’s able to take control of her training and recovery with the proprietary technology of Incrediwear.


Celebrity Personal Trainer “Jake the Trainer”

As a professional personal trainer to the stars and the co-host of the television show “Celebrity Sweat,” Jake the Trainer recommends Incrediwear to his clients and uses the products himself. He personally relies on the elbow sleeve and wrist sleeve to help his muscles recover after a big workout.

He teaches his clients that they’re able to reach their goals, whatever they may be, with the right exercise and diet regime, sleep schedule, and a willingness to change. To achieve the physique you desire, you also must have the right support system — including the best technology for recovery.

Take a Tip from the Pros

You don’t have to be a professional athlete to benefit from the support products they use. Throw on Incrediwear before a workout or slip on a sleeve or circulation sock so you can feel as good as the pros, no matter your sport or lifestyle.

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