7 Summer Sports To Help You Get Active

Summer brings the promise of longer, sunnier days, perfect for outdoor activities. It's the ideal season to embrace new hobbies, revitalize our health, and make the most out of the great outdoors. 

With July 1st being National Play Outside Day, it's the perfect opportunity to get started. In this article, we'll explore some summer sports you can enjoy during the season, offering a fun way to stay active and improve your health.

7 Sports To Help You Stay Active This Summer

With such a variety of sports to choose from, there's something for everyone, no matter your fitness level or interests. 

Let's jump into some fun and healthy ways to enjoy the great outdoors this summer.

1. Tennis

Tennis, a sport with its roots traced back to the 12th century, has captured hearts and stayed popular for centuries for good reason.

When it comes to summer sports, tennis is a top choice. The longer daylight hours provide ample time for matches, and the warmer weather keeps outdoor courts dry and ready for play. Local clubs also often host summer tennis events, offering opportunities to socialize and engage in friendly competition.

The health benefits of tennis are manifold. It provides a full-body workout, incorporating both aerobic and anaerobic exercise. You can expect to improve your cardiovascular fitness, balance, agility, coordination, and overall strength. 

It’s a fantastic sport for enhancing mental acuity and strategic thinking, as each point requires quick decisions and precise execution. You can serve up a fun challenge and level up your wellness journey with tennis. 

2. Swimming

Dive into an active summer with a splash. Swimming is an all-time summer favorite that offers both recreational enjoyment and physical health benefits that is accessible for individuals of all ages and abilities to participate.

Summer is a prime time for swimming, given the hot temperatures and the opening of outdoor pools and natural swimming spots. Whether it's in your local pool, a nearby lake, or the sea on a beach holiday, swimming can be a refreshing way to beat the heat while staying active.

Health-wise, swimming works the whole body, from head to toe, improving cardiovascular health, muscular strength, and endurance. As a low-impact sport, it's easy on your joints, making it a sustainable exercise choice for the long term. Swimming is also like a calming dip for your mental health, helping reduce stress and uplift your mood.

3. Soccer

Ready to embrace the team spirit and have a ball this summer? Soccer may be the sport for you. As the summer sun shines brighter, it's a perfect time to put on your cleats and enjoy some exciting matches. 

The aerobic nature of soccer makes it an excellent choice for enhancing cardiovascular health and boosting endurance, not to mention how the sport sharpens coordination and agility and promotes teamwork and strategic thinking skills. 

Regularly playing soccer can provide a full-body workout, engaging your core, lower, and upper body muscles. And who knows? With practice and passion, you might be setting up winning goals by the time leaves start to fall.

4. Rollerblading

Feel the wind in your hair and the freedom under your feet — it’s time to get the good times rolling. 

Rollerblading presents a fantastic way to enjoy the warm summer breeze. Gliding through your local park or along the beach boardwalk can be an exhilarating experience and a remarkable workout. 

Rollerblading improves cardiovascular fitness, enhances balance and coordination, and strengthens the muscles in your lower body. It's a low-impact sport, making it a gentler option for your joints than other forms of exercise. So grab your helmet, strap on those blades, and you'll be breezing through summer with a smile on your face!

5. Disc Golf

Disc golf is a unique, entertaining sport perfect for those warm summer days. It offers an enjoyable outdoor experience that promotes strategic thinking and precision.

Playing disc golf provides a decent cardio workout and improves agility and coordination — one hole at a time. What's more, the social nature of the sport offers a great platform for building friendships and teamwork.

Whether you're a casual or competitive player, you're sure to find a satisfying blend of sport and calm in disc golf. 

Ultimate Frisbee

Ultimate Frisbee is a high-energy, fun-filled sport perfect for enjoying during the summer season. It combines elements of netball, touch football, and American football into a fast-paced game that stimulates strategic thinking and teamwork.

The game promotes cardiovascular health, enhances agility and coordination, and offers a fantastic social interaction and camaraderie platform.

Whether you're making the winning catch or just enjoying the game, the spirit of fun and friendly competition in ultimate frisbee will have you eagerly waiting for the next sunny day to play.

7. Kayaking

Ahhhh — exercising never felt this relaxing.

Kayaking offers a fantastic water-based adventure for the summer months. Whether navigating calm lakes or conquering whitewater rapids, it's a great way to connect with nature and enjoy the warm weather.

The health benefits of kayaking are numerous. It provides an excellent upper body workout, increases cardiovascular fitness, and can improve your strength and flexibility. Plus, being out on the water can have calming, stress-relieving effects.

By the end of summer, you might find that you've developed a new skill set and discovered a new passion. So gear up, paddle on, and let the rhythm of the water guide your summer adventure!

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We’re here to support you as you explore new sports, push your boundaries, and, most importantly, have some fun in the sun this summer. After all, we're all about fueling your passions and helping you live your best active life.


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