17 Outdoor Games for Adults To Try This Summer

As the sunniest season descends upon us, the call of the great outdoors grows stronger. And what better way to answer that call than by engaging in some classic, fun-filled outdoor games

Outdoor games offer a refreshing break from our tech-saturated routines and long hours hunched over our desks and a way to tap into the joys of friendly competition. And with the next National Play Outside Day coming up fast on July 1st, it's the perfect occasion to jumpstart your summer activity list. 

From traditional games to party favorites, let's jump right in and toss around some of the best outdoor games to try your hand at this summer. 

Classic Outdoor Games

Some of the best outdoor games are the old-school ones. Kicking off our list are some of the timeless classics that have shaped many a fun afternoon and fostered camaraderie at countless gatherings. 

These games can offer nostalgic trips down memory lane or create new cherished memories.

1. Volleyball

The ideal mix of athleticism and strategy, volleyball is an exhilarating outdoor game that's great for large groups. An opposing team dynamic adds a dash of friendly competition. You can easily set up a volleyball net in your own backyard, making it a go-to choice for an outdoor party.

2. Badminton

Few things say summer like a lively match of badminton. This classic outdoor game can be enjoyed in pairs or individually. Plus, if you're feeling crafty, a DIY badminton set is easy to assemble. 

3. Croquet

The croquet set, with its vibrant mallets and balls, is a staple of any outdoor game collection. This game of strategy is easy to learn but hard to master, making it a compelling activity for the whole family. Setting up a croquet course in your backyard is a breeze, paving the way for hours of fun.

4. Horseshoes

A toss game with a history dating back to ancient Rome, horseshoes is a game of skill that's straightforward yet challenging. Like cornhole, which involves tossing bean bags onto cornhole boards, the game of horseshoes cultivates accuracy and precision in a relaxed, friendly atmosphere.

5. Bocce Ball

A list of classic outdoor games wouldn't be complete without bocce ball. This ancient game, which is like an outdoor version of bowling, is both engaging and inclusive, perfect for players of all ages.

6. Frisbee or Flying Disc

Few activities embody the carefree spirit of outdoor games quite like a round of frisbee. Whether it's a simple toss and catch or a game of Ultimate Frisbee, this activity encourages movement, coordination, and, most importantly, fun. The joy of a flying disc soaring through the air is hard to beat.

Trending Outdoor Games

While classic games will always have their charm, several new outdoor activities have burst onto the scene, quickly earning their spots in many favorite games lists.

7. Cornhole

This game of bean bag toss has rapidly become a staple at tailgating events, BBQ parties, and backyard get-togethers. Easy to learn yet hard to master, cornhole is all about strategy and precision. Whether you purchase a ready-made cornhole game set or construct DIY cornhole boards, the fun is guaranteed.

8. Spikeball

Described as a cross between volleyball and four square, spikeball has taken the outdoor games world by storm. It's high-energy, competitive, and ideal for large groups, making it a must-try at your next outdoor gathering.

9. Ladder Toss

Also known as ladder golf, this game involves throwing bolas (two balls connected by a string) onto a ladder-like structure. It's a unique mix of skill, luck, and fun. A ladder toss game set often comes with a carrying case, making it easy to pack up and bring to any outdoor gathering or picnic for a little friendly competition.

Fun and Unique Outdoor Games

As we look beyond the classics and trends, we find a handful of unique outdoor games that add an extra layer of excitement to any gathering. From nighttime escapades to creative twists on the usual, these games promise unforgettable fun.

10. Capture the Flag

Transform the dark into an ally with a game of nighttime capture the flag. Use glow-in-the-dark markers or wear glow-in-the-dark accessories for a magical and thrilling gaming experience. Just remember to designate a safe zone!

11. Lawn Darts

Modern lawn darts have come a long way from their pointy predecessors. Today's versions are safe and fun for all ages. You can opt for a ring toss game if you prefer a more traditional alternative.

12. Scavenger Hunt

Unleash your inner detective with a scavenger hunt. It's easy to customize for your own backyard or a local park, and it's an excellent team-building activity. The thrill of the chase will have everyone involved and excited.

13. Obstacle Course

Create your own backyard version of a Ninja Warrior course. You can use almost anything, from pool noodles to hula hoops, to create a series of fun and challenging obstacles. It's a great way to promote physical activity while having a blast.

Party Games

Nothing livens up a summer gathering like a selection of lively party games. Perfect for creating shared laughter and fostering a sense of camaraderie, these games are sure to bring out the competitive spirit in everyone.

14. Giant Jenga

A towering twist on the classic board game, Giant Jenga tests your strategy skills and a steady hand. Each block removed adds a dose of suspense and hilarity, making it a crowd favorite. Whether you purchase a ready-made set or build your own, this game promises to keep everyone on the edge of their seats.

15. Beer Pong

This party staple needs little introduction. Set up your table, arrange your cups, and let the pong game begin. Remember, you can always substitute the beer with a non-alcoholic drink for a family-friendly version.

16. Twister

Bring on the nostalgia with a game of Twister. This colorful mat game can quickly turn into a hilarious spectacle, providing fun for all ages. And if you're feeling particularly adventurous, try the outdoor version with lawn paint.

17. Water Balloon Volleyball

A refreshing twist on the traditional volleyball game, water balloon volleyball is perfect for those hot summer days. All you need are some water balloons and a beach towel for each team. This game will surely result in many splashes and giggles, making it an instant hit for cooling down.

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