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Do you know how baseball players stay in touch? They touch base every once in awhile! In the same way, Incrediwear likes to touch base on the benefits of our anti-inflammatory wear products for baseball injuries as the baseball season is in full swing.
Common baseball injuries can actually be some of the more serious overuse injuries in sports. Common injuries include; Rotator Cuff Tears, UCL Injuries, ACL & MCL Injuries, Sprains & Strains, and Spondylolysis (a stress fracture in the lower vertebrae). Using Incrediwear anti-inflammatory wear during or after a game helps players increase circulation to reduce inflammation, reduce muscle fatigue, and relieve pain in their elbows, lower back, shoulders, knees, legs, and arms.
Pitchers especially need the care of the best recovery and injury prevention products available. Incrediwear has scientifically shown the effectiveness of our anti-inflammatory wear products to be the best to increase circulation, reduce inflammation and pain, and reduce muscle fatigue. Whether players use Incrediwear during or after gameplay; Incrediwear anti-inflammatory wear gives athletes the recovery essentials they need by decreasing recovery time up to 46%.

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Makes total sense
Thank you for some new great ideas and some reminders
I will definitely pass info on to other players

Sue Berger December 18, 2019

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