Roll With the Punches

Luis Garcia is a rising athlete in the boxing profession, and is one of Incrediwear’s new ambassadors. Garcia was raised in Ixtlán Del Río, Mexico, but was originally born in Juneau, Alaska. At age 11, he moved back to the states and began his boxing career at age 17. He identifies as an Alaska-Mexican Boxer.
Luis Garcia boxer Luis Garcia Boxer

Garcia’s determination and dedication to the sport has made him rise to become a local star in Juneau, Alaska. His fighting style can somewhat mimic the out-fighter style, which boxers like Muhammad Ali, Larry Holmes, Benny Leonard, and Gene Tunney are known for. But Garcia considers “his style” more of a mix between Mexican and his favorite boxer, Canelo Alvarez, who tends to lean toward the boxer-puncher and counterpuncher styles.
Whatever people believe Garcia’s style is, the fact is it’s working extremely well in the ring. With a 23-3-0 record so far, Garcia’s continued success is moving him to take the next step in his career by fighting outside of Alaska.

Luis Garcia portrait Luis Garcia training


On November 17, 2016, Garcia sent Incrediwear a video of him training with an Incrediwear Calf Sleeve testifying “been abusing the calf sleeve and it’s been doing me wonders!” The process of watching some Garcia’s bouts was such a treat for the Incrediwear organization that the decision was quickly made to bring Garcia onboard.

Incrediwear knows the range of injuries boxers can attain during a bout. Some of the more common injuries are; cuts and bruises, sprains and strains, concussions, fractures, and dislocated shoulder(s). Where Incrediwear can’t keep a boxer from being cut or bruised by incoming fists; Incrediwear products can focus on accelerating a boxer’s recovery and injury prevention specifically with sprains, strains, certain fractures, and dislocated shoulders.

Incrediwear’s injury prevention and accelerated recovery allow athletes to not only protect their muscles from fatigue or injury during their workouts, but allows for increased circulation while they are at rest. The benefits range from pain relief, decreased inflammation & swelling, increased oxygen to the muscles, and optimized performance.

It is our privilege to help young athletes like Garcia and veteran athletes maintain their health and fitness to assist them in optimizing their performance and recovery so that they can be at their best.


Way to go Luis!! You the man!!

Renee December 12, 2016

So proud of my son, and all of his accomplishments in life.

Annette OSborne December 12, 2016

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