Knee Injury Prevention

The three basic knee injury prevention tips are stretch, strengthen, and stop. These tips are not designed to increase performance, but rather keep the goal of preventing injury in the forefront of your mind.

Stretching begins with flexibility or getting the blood flowing throughout the surrounding muscles of the knee such as; the hip, thigh, hamstring, groin, glutes, and knee flexors and extensors. Flexibility declines with age and can be tough to regain. It is best to keep a constant daily routine of stretching. Since knee injuries, aches and pain are one of the most common injuries and physical ailments; Incrediwear’s Knee Sleeve maintains the ability to increase circulation, which can help when it comes to stretching.

The Incrediwear Knee Sleeve is flexible, allowing for the knee to bend slowly during stretching exercises. Proper stretching before exercising or just in general allows the knees to remain flexible during movement and through every day activities. 

Next, to help prevent knee injury is strengthening. Strengthening the knee, begins with working the muscles around it, specifically in the hip, thigh, glutes, knee extensors, and the knee joint. Strengthening lower leg muscles such as the ankle plantar-flexors & dorsi-flexors is also recommended. 

While the traditional ways to strengthen these areas is by utilizing free weight exercises or weight machines, there are some key exercises you can do right in your office or home when you can’t get to the gym. You can use body exercises such as squats, wall squats or lunges. Use caution when doing all these exercises, as form is very important to not cause self-injury. If you have knee problems already, and are looking to work on strengthening your knees, we recommend doing these techniques with Incrediwear Knee Sleeves.

Incrediwear Knee Sleeves are great for strengthening exercises, and can help you push your limits. For example, if you are looking to do wall squats, but are unable to squat down at a 45 to 90-degree angle; we recommend wearing our Knee Sleeve and simply starting where you feel comfortable. Remain squatting as long as you can, and slowly walk your way back to a standing position. Keep wearing the Incrediwear Knee Sleeve throughout the day for recovery.

Other products such as Leg Sleeve(s), Men’s or Women’s Performance Pants, and Ankle Sleeve(s) are available for recovery for the surrounding Knee muscles. It is our recommendation that if you are doing any heavy squat-lifts, wear our Knee Sleeves during, and then Leg Sleeve(s) after. 

Finally, know when stop. Over-exercising causes many health problems such as; bodily catabolic state (body tissues break down), excess in cortisol (a stress hormone released that leads to chronic disease), increased risk of injury, microscopic tears in the muscle fibers, weakened immune system, and possible development of insomnia. More serious risks involve damage to the heart and cardiac arrest.

Rest is an important part of recovery. This is why Incrediwear Knee Sleeves are such an important part of recovery because during rest, your knees are still benefiting from the embedded elements in the fabric fibers of the Incrediwear Knee Sleeve. This is what we call accelerated recovery.

Accelerating recovery allows you to push your limits when you are active, helping you remain in an active lifestyle. Our knees are a big part of keeping us moving day-to-day. And Incrediwear is dedicated to making the best possible product to help you take care of them.

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