Milestones & Mindsets for Recovery

In 2010, several studies were released on compression products, which found compression had some recovery benefits, but revealed hardly any performance increasing effects, and many showed no performance increase at all.
Incrediwear was still new to the sportswear industry at the time. The psychological paradigm was and still is very much centered around compression being the end all to recovery and performance.
The truth about compression for athletes is that it may give some recovery benefits, but we believe athletes and people who want to stay active are seeking more out of what they wear for recovery and performance. As we keep emphasizing, Incrediwear doesn’t need to compress to help accelerate your recovery and/or optimize your performance.
While compression may still be the center of recovery for the sportswear industry; many athletes, trainers, and physicians are turning to Incrediwear for recovery and optimizing performance. Our proof of this came in this week as we hit a milestone of featuring our products in over 30 countries worldwide.
Many more are starting to take notice and changing their paradigm about compression. Because where compression may give some relief for recovery, Incrediwear is proving it’s not just mind over matter. The embedded active ingredients in our products is transforming the sportswear industry, and people are able to have access to recovery products that bring actual relief.

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I purchased a knee brace On November 4/16 and wore it for 24 hours straight. I have extreme osteoarthritis and an MRI shows my left knee to be bone on bone. I had been in extreme pain 24/7 and walking and sleeping were both extremely difficult for me. The first day I wore the brace I was able to climb stairs without looking like a “crab” as my wife describes me. Also it was the first night i had a complete nights sleep in over 10 months. Of course the next morning I went and purchased a brace for the other knee. Now after four days and having so much success I have ordered a pair of circulation socks as I also have diabetes. Diabetes has given me nerve pain in my feet which at times is even more than my knees. I can tell you over the years I have tried many different braces, one costing almost $500. None of these have even come close to providing the relief that Incrediwear has. If the socks give me relief even half as much as the knee braces I will be in great shape. I have had chronic pain since 1998 when I shredded my rotator cuff and had to have my shoulder replaced. I had been a competitive body builder for many years having won Mr. San Diego while living in California. I want to thank you for bringing this product to market and giving me pain relief that I had been searching for what seemed like forever. Thanks again for a great product.

Dan Wallace November 07, 2016

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