Maximizing Performance Through A Historic Method

Your father may have told you once, “if it isn’t broke, don’t fix it.” Incrediwear has taken this approach in our recovery wear products. We have taken a hundred(s)-year-old method for recovery, and embedded it into our sportswear products. This means Incrediwear isn’t just another method for athletes to recover, it means athletes have a better choice in recovery.
Embracing the change from traditional compression is an ideal not easily knocked out of the park. Compression is and has been a huge part of how we think about recovery. Major activewear and/or sportswear brands are constantly looking to change up designs for sleekness, comfort, and functionality.
You may have heard about several fabric technology claims such as; cools down your skin, or even sportswear made from condom material. These leaping strides into activewear and/or sportswear technology in the health & fitness industry can sometimes make other products go unnoticed due to the high volume of exposure in advertising by huge corporate giants that are desperate to keep up with cultural fashion trends.
We believe we can be the most active solution for young and professional athletes today. Athletes, medical professionals, and active people everywhere are becoming more aware of alternate solutions with recovery and the functionality of how our recovery wear products are able to help them to peak performance, and keep them feeling comfortable all day long.
Believing compression is the only method for recovery is like believing chemotherapy is the only cure for cancer. There are other methods. So how do we know which ones actually work? The answer of course is your own body, and not everybody’s body is the same. You have to explore to see if the method works or not.
This is why we take keep our eye on the ball when designing our products, and making them affordable. We encourage anyone wanting to try our products to try it, and see for themselves how this historical method is the best at peaking performance for your active lifestyle.

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