Keep Your Inflammation in Control With Ankle Compression Sleeves

What is an ankle compression sleeve?

An ankle compression sleeve for swelling is designed to help control inflammation in the feet, ankles, and lower legs. Compression sleeve density benefits include helping to squeeze these areas to prevent fluid buildup in the muscles. This increase in the fluid can be very painful. There are many levels of stress in these cells. Your doctor will advise you on the right option for you.

Take your socks off immediately and call your medical provider or go to the emergency room in case of any of the following:

  • Pain in the legs or feet
  • Your legs or feet feel numb
  • The color or temperature of your toes changes
  • You get a new wound

How to use your compression sleeve?

Compression ankle sleeves should be worn as soon as you get up and before you get out of bed. These Compression sleeves are used continuously during the day to keep the legs swollen. Remove them before going to bed or taking a shower or a bath. You will need to bathe or shower the night before bed. It is best to sleep with your feet above your heart level to restrain your legs while you sleep. If you do these things, you will keep your legs from swollen all day long.

How do you take care of your compression sleeves?

Your Compression sleeves will come with instructions on how to wash and dry them. These tips will help keep your socks wearable longer. You will need new Compression Sleeves every 3 to 6 months.

How do you make your compression sleeve work?

The best ankle sleeve brace for swelling should be worn with a slight work over the heel and then lift the leg. Rubber kitchen gloves can be worn to improve your grip. Try to keep your sleeve wrinkle-free, your skin can be harmed if you don't. 

Another way to put on your socks:

  1. Turn your Compression sleeve inwards by placing your hand inside the foot, grab the heel and pull the Compression sleeve inside.
  2. Insert your foot into the sock until the toe and heel are completely enclosed.
  3. Pull the top of the Compression sleeve over your ankle and calf until it is in place.

To keep your ankle compression sleeve for swelling from getting holes or running in them, never pull them hard. Remove any jewelry you can wear when you put them on. To buy the best ankle compression items of clothing, visit Incrediwear today!

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