7 Ideal Holiday Gifts for the Fitness Fanatic in Your Life

If you ask a group of people which aspects of the holidays they find the most stressful, many will say “choosing and buying presents.” Unless someone tells you exactly what they want, buying gifts for our loved ones can be challenging, especially if we do not know much about their hobbies and interests. 

Don’t panic, though—we’re here to help! With inspiration for all budgets, read on to learn about some of the best gifts for the fitness fanatic in your family or friend group. 

Fitness Journal

This is a great gift for someone who is just starting out on their fitness journey or working towards a specific goal, such as running a marathon. A fitness journal allows the user to keep track of all their workouts and chart their progress in one easy place. It’s also highly motivating, as they can flick back through the pages any time to see how far they have already come. 

Sport Socks

Think that socks are a boring gift? Think again. Any exercise enthusiast will thank you for high quality, well-fitting sport socks. 

Our Incrediwear Active Socks start from just $17.50 and are suitable for a wide range of activities including walking, running, and working out. Their moisture-wicking properties keep the wearer’s feet dry and provide all-day comfort. 

We also offer Circulation Socks, which are ideal for anyone who suffers from discomfort due to poor circulation (which can be worsened by working out in the cold), and Trek Socks, for those who spend long hours on their feet. 

Insulated Sports Bottle

Every fitness enthusiast knows that staying hydrated is essential. A high quality insulated sports bottle is a practical way to carry water during a run or keep their protein shake cold to enjoy after a hard gym session. It’s also a far more environmentally friendly alternative to plastic bottles. 

Gift Subscription

Not everyone enjoys accumulating more physical objects. Instead, how about treating your fitness-loving friend to a gift membership or subscription? 

Some examples for you to consider might include membership to an online on-demand workout service (e.g. Peloton, Les Mills, or Yoga With Adriene), a subscription to a magazine devoted to their sport or activity, or even a membership to their local gym, sports club, or yoga studio for a complete beginner. 

Recovery Garments 

Anyone who exercises regularly is at risk of injury. They may also suffer from normal complaints such as post-workout fatigue and delayed-onset muscle soreness (DOMS). Using recovery garments is a proven way to lower the risk of injury, recover more quickly and effectively after exercise, and reduce pain and inflammation. 

To choose the most appropriate recovery garment to give as a gift, consider the type of fitness activities your loved one engages in. A keen runner may find that a knee sleeve or ankle sleeve helps their legs to recover more quickly after a run, while a tennis enthusiast may benefit from an elbow sleeve, which can help to prevent conditions such as tennis elbow.

Fitness Tracker, Smart Watch, or Accessories

Fitness trackers and smartwatches vary enormously in price and complexity. A simple Fitbit tracker, with capabilities such as step tracking and heart rate monitoring, can start from around $75, while a sophisticated Fitbit, Google, or Apple Watch can run to $400 or more. 

Trackers and smartwatches are ideal gifts for those who are seriously committed to fitness. They can monitor numerous aspects of the wearer’s health and provide them with highly detailed data and statistics over time. 

If your recipient already has a smartwatch or fitness tracker, accessories such as stylish new wristbands can be a thoughtful gift. 

Wireless Headphones

Long workouts can be boring. That’s why lots of people like to listen to music, podcasts, audiobooks, or other content while they run, walk, cycle, or lift. For this reason, a set of high quality wireless headphones can be a great gift to make their workouts more fun. 

Wireless headphones are available at price points beginning from around $30 and running up to hundreds of dollars, and more expensive does not necessarily mean better. Read reviews before you choose a set as a gift. Good workout headphones must be comfortable, durable, and secure. They should not be completely noise-canceling (as this can make outdoor workouts dangerous) but should have good sound quality. A waterproof case can also be an advantage. 

And don’t forget about waterproof headphones for someone who loves to swim, which will allow them to listen to their favorite tunes while they are in the water. 

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