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If you love golf, you will have difficulty escaping the common injuries that follow, like golfer's elbow, tendonitis, or back pain. To help you recover from these overuse injuries, Incrediwear has a variety of products that are perfect for golfers providing crucial support and promoting rapid recovery.


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In a golf swing, your body generates large amounts of force to drive the ball as far as possible. This is no small feat, and such a powerful motion can put considerable stress on your joints, like your knees and elbows.

The repetitive motion of a golf swing over a long day can also take a toll, straining muscles and causing inflammation. However, this stress is no match for Incrediwear, designed to support the body's natural resilience.

Holding your club and maintaining control of the weight throughout your swing can be taxing. Fortunately, you can turn to Incrediwear for support. To help support your health, we offer a golf hand brace and a golf wrist brace for pain relief and injury prevention, among many other products.

As a golfer, you put your whole body into your swing, so you need full body support. Improve the rotation and power in your swing by using a hip brace, or give yourself better stability with a golf back brace. You can also support your foundation with the help of a comfortable ankle sleeve or ankle brace for golf.

Incrediwear technology is simple. Our technology uses semiconductor elements inside a comfortable fabric to target specific areas of your body and increase blood flow. Not only do our products provide smooth comfort, but they work.

The semiconductor elements are activated by body heat, kicking into gear once you start to perform. The power of Incrediwear lies in its ability to support an already natural process. Increased blood flow allows more oxygen and nutrients to reach the target area, which is vital for muscle performance and recovery.

When you want to stay on the golf course, you do not want to take any chances with your health. Choosing to advance your game with Incrediwear allows you to naturally support your muscles and joints, keeping you on the course longer by removing signs of pain or discomfort. With the ability to support a quicker recovery, our products also get you back to the course sooner.

To boost your muscle performance and support your natural recovery for an all-around better golf game, explore our complete inventory of golf braces and supports. No matter where you need support, Incrediwear can help, providing access to everything from active socks to performance pants.

Why Incrediwear?

Incrediwear optimizes the natural healing process, accelerates recovery, and relieves pain by increasing blood flow. With Incrediwear, no overselling or pseudoscience is involved — our products do as they say, supporting your body by increasing its ability to support healthy blood flow. Our technology is scientifically supported, so you can trust that you are getting an effective and reliable solution to your aches and pains.


Incrediwear’s signature fabric blend is embedded with semiconductor elements to provide total comfort and remarkable support. This technology is activated by body heat, jumping into action as soon as you do. By supporting your body’s natural healing process, Incrediwear outshines other less effective athleticwear options.