Cyclists are vulnerable to many injuries, from high-impact crashes to back pain from overuse. No matter the severity of your injury, our Incrediwear recovery products were specifically selected to help athletes recover from cycling injuries. Our germanium-embedded technology stimulates blood flow to affected areas to maximize recovery time.


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Incrediwear for Cyclists

Below we’re breaking down the various Incrediwear sleeves, braces, and supports that aid your body in its natural recovery process, on and off the bike.

Incrediwear Knee Sleeve

A common source of knee pain for cyclists comes from a condition called patellofemoral pain syndrome, which affects the area in the front of the knee or kneecap. It typically develops in cyclists due to joint overuse, and a kneecap bone malalignment can worsen the knee injury.

Our knee sleeve is perfect for battling cycling-related knee pain or runner’s knee. It gives you full coverage for knee support around the leg from the mid-thigh to the mid-shin, supporting the patella, knee joint, and ligaments. The germanium-embedded fabric will leave your knees with their full range of motion (unlike other support braces and compression knee sleeves), and multiple sizes are available for the best fit possible.

Incrediwear Ankle Sleeve

Achilles Tendonitis, which affects the tendon that connects the calf muscle to the back of the foot, often affects cyclists from overtraining or inadequate recovery time in between rides. Improper bike setup may cause this problem if the pedal position makes you angle your foot toward the ground.

Go for the Incrediwear Ankle Sleeve when facing this condition or any other cycling ankle injury. It provides coverage from the lower shin to the middle of the foot, and the snug but breathable fabric allows it to fit under any cycling shoe.

Our circulation socks and active socks are also great options, whether for Achilles tendonitis or any other cycling-related ankle or foot injury/pain.

Incrediwear Hip Brace

Cycling can take a major toll on the hip flexors — sitting on the bike for long periods often leads to tightness and reduced flexibility. The repetitive motion while sitting can also lead to inflamed bursae (bursitis) in the hips.

If you’re riding through hip pain or recovering from a cycling-related hip injury, check out the Incrediwear Hip Brace. It’s secured by an adjustable waist wrap you can be sure will keep it in place on the bike. It covers the entire circumference of the leg, from above the glute to the middle of the thigh.

Our men’s and women’s performance pants and circulation shorts will also give you coverage in the same area.

Incrediwear Back Brace

Most cyclists will experience back pain at some point during their riding career. When the fixed aerodynamic posture that cyclists use is sustained over periods, it can lead to strain in the lower back muscles.

The Incrediwear Back Brace is a great tool for every avid cyclist. It wraps around the belly area like a thick belt and can be adjusted for your preferred tightness. We’ve recently redesigned our back brace for extra comfort and now offer sizes small up to XXXL. Wear it on and off the bike, either underneath a garment or over a thin piece of clothing.

The Incrediwear Body Sleeve, which slides on like a shirt, covers the same area as the back brace, relieving cycling-related back pain and injuries.

Why Incrediwear?

Optimizes the natural healing process, increases blood flow, accelerates recovery, and relieves pain.


Incrediwear’s signature fabric blend is embedded with semiconductor elements to provide effortless comfort and exceptional durability.