Bursitis is inflammation of a bursa sac or a fluid-filled pouch that eases rubbing and reduces friction in your joints, from the hip joint to the knees to many other body parts. We've chosen Incrediwear recovery products to soothe inflammation and restore mobility in your affected joints.


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Incrediwear for Bursitis

So which Incrediwear products can help with the bothersome symptoms of bursitis? Read on to learn more about our wide selection of sleeves, braces, and supports.

Incrediwear Elbow Sleeve

The boney tip of the elbow has a bursa located right underneath the skin called the Olecranon bursa. The swelling and inflammation associated with elbow bursitis occur in this thin, flat, fluid-filled sac. This area of the body is one of the most common places where people experience this condition.

The Incrediwear Elbow Sleeve is a great option if you are dealing with bursitis or elbow pain — It’s lightweight, low-profile, and super comfortable. It will leave you with your full range of motion and is thin enough to fit under any type of clothing, all while providing pain relief and elbow support. It comes in three sizes and five colors, adding extra comfort and customization.

Bursitis in the elbow typically occurs due to excess pressure on the bone or repetitive motion. If your occupation requires you to lean on your elbows for extended periods of time, like plumbers, heating and air conditioning technicians, mechanics, and carpet installers, this elbow wrap may come in handy.

Unlike elbow compression sleeves and other non-adjustable elbow braces, Incrediwear supports blood flow and range of motion. Athletes whose sports/positions demand a lot from the elbow, like tennis players and baseball pitchers, could benefit from having the Incrediwear Elbow Sleeve in their recovery toolkit.

Some common conditions that can benefit from the elbow sleeve:

• Tennis elbow
• Tendonitis Golfer’s elbow
• Weight lifting overuse Sports injuries and other elbow injuries

Incrediwear Arm Sleeve

Our arm sleeve has the same amazing benefits for Olecranon bursitis that our elbow sleeve provides, just in a different design.

This design can also support many other injuries, from strains to sprains, to support recovery time. The Incrediwear Arm Sleeve slides over the hand and covers from the top of the upper arm down to the wrist. It may be the right choice if you are also experiencing discomfort in the bicep, forearm, or wrist areas.

Two different sizes will ensure a proper fit, and you can order in six colors.

Incrediwear Hip Brace

Another common area where people experience bursitis is in the hip. The two bursae that can become aggravated and cause hip pain are the trochanteric bursa, which covers the bony point of the hip bone, and the iliopsoas bursa, which sits near the other side of the bone near the groin. Although iliopsoas bursitis is technically referred to as “hip bursitis,” the swelling and pain manifests in the groin area and hip flexor.

Look no further than the Incrediwear Hip Brace if you’re having issues with either of your hips — this support acts as a hip stabilizer. It’s secured around your waist and extends from above the hip down to the middle of the thigh, giving you full coverage of the area.

The breathable fabric makes it perfectly suitable for hip injuries under any garment, and its flexibility will not affect your mobility. The sizes range from small up to XXL, and you can choose left or right hip coverage.

Since hip bursitis is most typically caused by repetitive stress on the hip joint and surrounding ligaments, athletes who participate in endurance sports and contact sports are most at risk. More specifically, runners, cyclists, football players, and hockey players could benefit from having the Incrediwear Hip Brace in their gym bag or locker.

Why Incrediwear?

Optimizes the natural healing process, increases blood flow, accelerates recovery, and relieves pain.


Incrediwear’s signature fabric blend is embedded with semiconductor elements to provide effortless comfort and exceptional durability.