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Even with proper injury prevention and training, basketball athletes are still susceptible to injury from the rapid change of directions and fast pace of the game. Our Incrediwear recovery products support you in your game and protect against a wide range of injuries, from a pulled calf muscle to a potential back strain.


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If you play basketball, you know just how intense the game can be. To compete, you need to perform at a high level, with your muscles performing as efficiently as possible to help propel you across the court and to the basket. Incrediwear can help you take your game to the next level by helping you support your body and keep up with the competition.

Incrediwear provides a whole selection of products to support you in your game, from knee bands for basketball to leg braces for basketball. Whether you struggle to play through a twinge in your lower back or are trying to recover from a shoulder injury that affects your shots, our technology is the solution you need to get back to the game quickly.

Incrediwear products use semiconductor elements to expand blood vessels and increase circulation to the target area. This improved circulation is key to relieving pain and supporting the recovery of damaged tissue, bringing oxygen and nutrients to the tissues while removing unneeded byproducts. After a big game, you can turn to Incrediwear options like basketball calf sleeves or knee bands to help soothe sore muscles.

Whether you are nursing an injury, need subtle support, or are looking to prevent the chances of aggravating an injury, Incrediwear technology is an excellent option for you. Even the most nagging sensitivity is no match for our products. Our leg braces for basketball and basketball calf sleeves can help silence cramps or discomfort in your legs, prevent reinjury of past issues, and keep you on the court longer.

Basketball moves fast and requires impressive agility to succeed. This agility can take a toll on your knees, increasing your risk of a knee injury and making it even easier to reaggravate a previous one.

Fortunately, you can be prepared with Incrediwear. Wearing the right knee brace for basketball games or specially constructed ACL braces for basketball can give you the support you need to withstand four strong quarters on the court.

Browse our complete inventory of products for yourself and find an option that suits your needs. With our wide selection of products for basketball knee support, from basketball calf sleeves to basketball knee braces, you are sure to find the right one for you.

Otherwise, you can take a more subtle approach by wearing sports socks or circulation shorts. Whatever you decide, you can take comfort in knowing Incrediwear is on your side.

Why Incrediwear?

Incrediwear optimizes the natural healing process, increases blood flow, accelerates recovery, and relieves pain. By bringing oxygen and nutrients to the target area, Incrediwear works and is backed by clinical trials. Incrediwear offers a wide range of options to help you support your game, providing you with advanced, targeted, and direct relief.

Our Technology

Incrediwear’s signature fabric blend is embedded with semiconductor elements to boost your blood flow, along with effortless comfort and exceptional durability. These elements are stimulated by body heat, making our products excellent for supporting you during sports and activity. When you start performing, so does the powerful technology.