Softball players are most vulnerable to joint injuries, commonly to the shoulder and elbow, as well as back and knee problems. The best treatment for an overuse injury to your joint or tendon is rest, so we've hand-picked Incrediwear recovery products for softball injuries to accelerate your healing process by reducing inflammation and soreness. 

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Braces & Sleeves for Baseball Players

Baseball players are at risk for several different injuries, particularly those caused by overuse of the whole arm, wrist, and hand. This area is most vulnerable because it is central to the main components of the game — throwing, catching, and batting.

All our products work with your body to accelerate its natural recovery process. Their flexibility and comfort make them great for wearing during physical activity, as well as after when you’re resting.

Below, we’re breaking down some of baseball players' most prevalent conditions and what Incrediwear can do to help relieve them.

Rotator Cuff Problems

Why Do Baseball Players Have Rotator Cuff Problems?

The rotator cuff is a group of muscles around your shoulder joint that work together to give your arm its full range of motion. Rotator cuff soreness, tears, and other injuries are very common among baseball players because of the repetition of the throwing motion.

Especially for pitchers, who are throwing at high speeds game after game, the tissues in the shoulder break down, eventually leading to tears in the muscle.

Incrediwear Shoulder Brace

Our shoulder brace can help soothe general soreness or pain in the shoulder area, and it helps with the healing process if you’re recovering from an injury.

It provides great coverage, reaching from the top of the shoulder down to the middle of the upper arm. It straps underneath the opposite arm to help it stay in place during activity.

Elbow Injuries

Why Do Baseball Players Get Elbow Injuries?

The inside of the elbow contains a ligament called the UCL (ulnar collateral ligament). It helps to stabilize the area and is particularly vulnerable to damage due to the strain and stress that the throwing motion puts on it. Soreness in this area is common for most position players. Still, pitchers are at a higher risk of developing more serious injuries like partial and full tears — intense and repetitive throwing wears out the ligament.

Incrediwear Elbow and Arm Sleeve

The Incrediwear elbow sleeve surrounds the area from the mid-bicep to the mid-forearm, while the arm sleeve goes from just under the shoulder down to the wrist. Both are very effective at combating pain in the elbow area and relieving the symptoms of common baseball-related elbow injuries.

Knee Injuries

Why Do Baseball Players Sustain Knee Injuries?

Although less common than injuries in the arm, knee issues happen in baseball. This is because of base running — there are a lot of short stops with changes of direction, like when a base runner is trying not to get picked off and sliding feet first or a base runner is trying to beat the tag.

These motions put a lot of pressure on the ACL (anterior cruciate ligament) and can cause sprains and tears.

Incrediwear Knee Sleeve

On top of being highly effective at aiding the entire knee, the Incrediwear knee sleeve is super low-profile and can be worn under baseball pants. The breathable fabric covers the area from just above the knee to the mid-shin and does not limit your range of motion.

Why Incrediwear?

Optimizes the natural healing process, increases blood flow, accelerates recovery, and relieves pain.


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