Why You Should Try These Workouts with Your Significant Other

Valentine’s Day is here! Whether you’re celebrating with dinner, a date night at home, or ignoring the holiday entirely, here’s something you might not have thought of: working out with your significant other!

There are numerous benefits to making your partner your workout buddy. Keeping fit together gives you a way to spend time together and bond over an activity that isn’t just marathoning the latest Netflix series. It allows you to challenge and support one another and act as accountability partners, helping each other with motivation on days when you don’t feel like working out. 

Here are five of our top recommendations for workouts you can do with your partner. 

Train for a Race

Running has countless health benefits. As a weight-bearing form of exercise, it helps you to build stronger bones and muscles. It also improves cardiovascular fitness, boosts lung capacity, and helps you to maintain a healthy weight. If you’ve ever experienced a “runner’s high”, you’ll also know that running can do wonders for your mental health. 

If you’re not runners already, why not do a Couch-to-5K program together? These graded series of workouts are ideal for anyone who is just starting out, no matter your gender or current fitness level. Download a Couch-to-5K app or podcast, sync up, and get going. Once you’ve completed the program, sign up for your first 5K race. 

Since running is high impact, it can be tough on your joints and bones, and particularly your legs. Protect yourself with our knee and ankle sleeves

If you’re already experienced runners, why not challenge yourselves to go a step further? Sign up for a 10K race, a half marathon, or even a full marathon and train together. 

Having a goal to work towards together is a great bonding experience, and you’ll share that sense of accomplishment when you cross the finish line together. 

Try Salsa Dancing

Salsa dance originated in Latin America and has been popular in the US since the 1960s. Many Salsa moves evolved from other Latin dance styles such as mambo and cha cha cha, as well as other styles like swing dancing. 

In a Salsa dance, the leading partner guides the following partner through a series of moves set to music. It’s a high-energy workout which will get you sweating and burning calories as well as improving your posture, coordination, and balance. Salsa dancers are a friendly and welcoming community so you’re sure to make some new friends, too,

Best of all, dancing together is great for your relationship. It allows you to spend time together, build closeness, and enjoy the benefits of achieving goals together. You’ll also experience an endorphin boost and improved body confidence. 

Go Hiking Together

Don’t underestimate the tried and true power of going for a walk together. Long walks burn calories, reduce body fat, and strengthen your muscles and bones. If you walk regularly, you’ll improve your cardiovascular fitness and help to stave off an array of diseases, from diabetes to many cancers. 

Going for a hike with your partner allows you to spend time together in the great outdoors, enjoying sunshine and breezes and beautiful scenery, all of which is fantastic for your mental health and your bond. You can also talk while you walk, allowing you to get your exercise in and connect with your partner simultaneously. It’s a win-win! 

Do you find that you get sore muscles after a long hike? This is normal and usually nothing to worry about. You can speed up your recovery by wearing protective gear like our leg sleeves during and after your hike. 

Play Tennis

If you and your partner have a competitive streak, why not challenge each other to a game of tennis? Tennis is fast-paced and gets your heart pumping, improving your cardiovascular fitness. Good tennis players also have lightning-fast reaction times, and playing regularly will improve yours too while boosting your flexibility and agility. 

Don’t forget that tennis can also be played in teams of two - called playing “doubles.” If you have friends who also play tennis, invite another couple to play against you and your partner. Joining a club is another way to make your regular tennis games into a fun, social activity where you can make new friends together. 

If you start to feel burnt out, remember that our elbow sleeves are great for combatting and soothing symptoms of the infamous tennis elbow!

Whatever type of activity you choose, give working out with your significant other a go. You might be surprised how much it improves your fitness and your relationship. 

Happy Valentine’s Day! 

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