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In the United States, the most popular demographic for hip replacement surgery is young adults. In a recent study, it was discovered that the number of hip replacements will be more than 636,000 by the year 2030, which is a 172% increase. Several physical healing routines and non-invasive treatments are available, but in cases of serious hip damage, surgery is mandatory. However, some people look for the best hip support for combatting conditions like TFL syndrome, arthritis, piriformis syndrome etc. Post-surgery, doctors advise patients to use a hip support belt for faster recovery.  

Tip To Follow For A Successful Hip Replacement Recovery 

Surgery in itself is the most intense stage in a treatment plan. However, this stage does not carry any particular risks, but that’s not the case with the recovery stage. The recovery period following an orthopedic surgery like hip replacement involves several vital processes and steps that can determine your long-standing mobility and health.  

Specialists and orthopedic doctors use the best equipment for promoting a successful hip replacement surgery recovery for patients. They’ll guide you through all the steps of the recovery process. There are also steps that patients need to take independently for accelerating recovery. 

In the first few weeks after your hip replacement surgery, you might experience restrained movement and severe swelling. To combat swelling, it is recommended to use products like the best hip brace. If the swelling keeps increases, notifying your doctor is essential.  

While you are on medication post-surgery, a hip brace can provide you with support to strengthen the affected areas. 

Learning about the functions 

If you have never undergone a hip replacement surgery before, you might be unaware of recovery wear products like a hip brace. These are external products that are designed for offering support. Wearing it over clothing is possible if you like the fit. The hip joint does a lot of heavy lifting all of the time, but these products can support it in doing so. The four most important functions of hip recovery wear are: 

  • Improving range of motion
  • Increase concretion
  • Stabilizing the joints
  • Making patients less vulnerable to dislocations

All these functions make hip recovery wear products perfect for people who have just gone through hip replacement surgery.  

Effectiveness Of A Hip Brace 

You may ask whether or not a hip brace truly boosts mobility and diminishes pain – in short, is does! Especially when you are discharged after a hip replacement surgery, you will need good equipment like a hip brace to start the recovery process. The effectiveness, however, depends on what kind of model you purchase. Braces that are designed for modifying the weight-bearing area and decreasing firmness through your joint are beneficial.  

Are There Different Kinds Of Hip Braces Available? 

Hip problems can vary, and different kinds of hip braces are also available in the current market. Every different product is designed for combatting particular issues. For instance, if you look at a standard product, it’s the hip abduction brace. These are made for keeping the thigh bone in the socket, which helps decrease movement and stress. After a hip replacement surgery, a doctor will always recommend the patient to use a hip abduction brace. There are also hip braces that help with osteoarthritis, constricted hip flexor muscles and sciatica. Let us take a look at all the options that we have at our disposal: 

  • Hip abduction brace
  • Hip support belt
  • Double hip brace
  • Hip support wrap
  • Groin and hip concretion wrap
  • Hip stabilizer
  • Hip abductionorthosis 

When products like hip braces are medically by a certified doctor, insurance covers it. For instance, after hip replacement surgery, patients have to use a hip brace when they are on crutches. The brace works by preventing movement from the crutches. This is because while it is healing, it can pose damage to the joints if there is movement.  

There’s a big difference between using a hip brace post-surgery and using it for occasional pain. Follow the doctor’s orders. 

What Is Duration Of Wearing A Hip Brace? 

The duration you need to wear a hip brace totally depends on the kind of surgery you have. It will also depend on factors like ligament and bone strength, unique anatomy, the sternness of the dislocation, age, your activities and lifestyle and a lot more. Usually, the doctor will ask you to wear a brace between two to four weeks post-surgery, and sometimes one or two months in cases of hip dislocations. 

When you wear a hip abduction brace for the first time, it can feel a bit rigid. The products are meant to soothe the joint and prevent excess movement. Another recommendation for people in the healing stage is using a recliner chair for sitting, along with pillows under the back. Never try to sit lower to the ground as it is a painful position.  

Final Say 

As you choose the best hip support for treating the hip post-surgery, these are great products to choose. Only an expert healthcare expert like an orthopedic can offer you correct insight. Get their recommendations today. 


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