Prevent Winter Doldrums with a Beanie

Everybody gets a headache now and then, but migraines are a different story. Migraines are more intense and painful, and are more common in athletes. Headaches and migraines can occur when exercising in freezing or cold temperatures. However, we can never let physical pain stop us from doing what we do. So, what's the best way to prevent a migraine while working out in the winter or fall? A beanie on the head. A "technical" beanie may sound like an odd term, but today’s technology makes some of them efficient for treating concussions and headaches perfectly. Stay tuned. 


Fight Frightful Weather With A Beanie


Winters can be dreadful sometimes, but with the right gear, you can stay one step ahead of the cold. The easiest way to keep your temperature in check is with a beanie on the head.  They come in various shapes, sizes, colors, designs and patterns all easily purchasable. Here are some of the benefits that beanies have on keeping our head warm: 


  • Beanie caps comprise wool that maximizes warmth, preventing heat from escaping.
  • Beanie caps are applicable for both women and men.
  • Form-fitting design. The beanie caps can easily stretch for fitting comfortably on heads of various shapes.
  • Machine washable and reusable.
  • Beanie caps can be adjusted as per the level of compression preferred by the user.
  • The ultra-soft feature makes the beanie caps feel light on the head.


Relief from Acute Head Pain


full head beanie has much more uses than just a piece of fashion. The temperature relief they provide can help relieve some chronic head pain. Here are some things that can cause head pain:


  • Concussions – Ringing ears, headache, dizziness or vision disturbances are all signs of concussions. Beanie caps can help manage these symptoms effectively. 
  • Hangovers – By offering the correct amount of warmth, beanie caps can help decrease the impact of hangovers.
  • Migraines – Migraine pain can be throbbing and continuous. But now, there are well-designed and technologically designed beanies that can largely help in decreasing that pain.
  • Fevers – Wearing a beanie cap is the safest and convenient way of cooling down the effects of fever.


These are some of the conditions that beanies help with, but not just any beanie. You'll want to do research to find ones made of the right synthetic material to get the job done. Before all this, it's still important to seek advice from a doctor, since head pain can arise from several reasons, not just migraine or headaches.


What Are The Benefits Of Wearing A Beanie?

It's common for people to neglect headwear these days in favor of style. However, due to aforementioned conditions, it's important to address every part of our body. Nowadays, online manufacturers’ present high-quality and stylish head beanies that don't hold back on performance. Here are the main benefits of wearing a beanie: 


  • Warmth – Functionality is the very first thing to focus on while shopping for a full head beanie. Thermal beanies are the perfect headgear for staying warm during the winter months. These winter headgears facilitate proper insulation and are made of sweat-wicking material. Even when you wear a helmet, a beanie can perfectly fit beneath it with no discomfort. An exposed head can lose 50% of the body’s heat in extreme weather. A cold head can also tighten blood vessels in other parts of the body - like the head and feet. 
  • Comfort – The fit that a winter beanie provides is highly comfortable and warm.        
  • Sun-shielding – When we step out during winter, it's easy to forget about the sun. However, the sun’s UV rays can be more dangerous in the winter season than in the summer season. That's why having a beanie on head is important to have extra protection from the sun. Snowboarders and hikers who frequent high altitudes also carry more dangers of skin cancer and sun damage. Hence, wearing a beanie is critical.

Final Say


In places where it's colder longer than it's warm, you need a beanie to protect yourself from the elements. A beanie on head is the most practical and stylish winter head protection you'll find. They're commonly made from wool or cotton with a range of temperature options, and have lightweight options for prolonged wearing. The silky, soft models are great for children or people with sensitive skin. The construction of some utilizes very few seams, allowing for extra comfort while wearing for extended periods.


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