Pain Relief Apparel For Your Core

Your core is an essential part of who you are. Most people remain unaware that the strength of their core is crucial to their health. Basic household chores such as vacuuming, mopping, gardening, mowing the lawn, all involve energy that pass through the core. Sports such as Golf, Tennis, Biking, Running, Swimming, Basketball, and Football all rely on keeping core muscles strengthened. Everyday acts such as putting on your shoes, sitting in a chair, getting dressed, or standing up are just a few mundane actions that rely on the strength of your core.  
In a Best Health article, Renee Whitney — a personal trainer and owner of Focus Personal Fitness — describes the importance our core strength has on our quality of life. Using the spinal chord as an example; she explains, “If you have pressure on it because it isn’t well supported by your core muscles, then it is going to affect your movements. It will eventually cause pain, and that will affect the quality of your life.”
Low back pain affects 4/5 Americans during the course of their lives, which may be prevented by building stronger core muscles through a core strength exercise regimen(s). Strengthening your core can be tedious and strenuous, especially if you are dealing with an injury. The question is, how do you support your recovery and get the pain relief you need?
What some of our customers have mistaken for a girdle (and we’re not going to point fingers), is our Incrediwear Body Sleeve that is embedded with a high percentage of Germanium to increase circulation to your core, providing pain relief & accelerated recovery.
The Body Sleeve is not a compression product like a girdle; instead it is pain relief apparel used to accelerate recovery after core workouts and/or provide pain relief for injuries while you sleep. A bandage wrap can bunch up while you move during the night, and it can be difficult to get comfortable in a back brace while you sleep. In fact, sleeping in a back brace is rarely ever recommended. This is why the Incrediwear Body Sleeve was designed to be like a glove for your core, keeping your core circulation increased, and inflammation reduced.
The Incrediwear Body Sleeve can be used for several conditions to accelerate recovery, relieve pain, and reduce inflammation from symptoms affiliated with: strains & muscle injuries, acute/chronic injuries, lower/mid back pain, muscle spasms, pinched nerve(s), postpartum pregnancy, and breast augmentation.
The Incrediwear Body Sleeve is just one of our many pain relief apparel products that provide people with an alternative pain relief method to not only feel better, but recover faster. You can visit our studies page and see the difference Incrediwear makes in various types of injuries and conditions.

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