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Pain relief plays a huge role in how we cope with our lives. If we are experiencing physical pain, physiological pain, and/or emotional pain; all types of pain should be addressed to cultivate our core to better our health.
What is often overlooked for pain relief is the cognitive function. What can cause us to believe we are in pain? According to Global Organization for Stress, stress is a major player in the lives of many adults worldwide that can increase our perception of our pain. The higher the stress, the more likely you will feel your pain is intensified. Stress and pain can be linked very close. This vicious cycle sets us up to experience not only chronic pain from previous injuries, but also chronic stress. Thus, part of pain relief is learning how to root out and manage our stress. Several studies support that stress can cause depression and/or anxiety, which can increase pain.

Last year, many American adults continued to report high levels of stress and many of them reported an increase in stress. The number for American adults who experience panic disorders is about 1 in 75, and 80% of American workers say they feel stress in their job, with approximately half admitting they need help learning to manage stress.
People with high stress can experience numerous physical symptoms such as; low energy, headaches, nausea, chest pains or rapid heartbeat, Insomnia, frequent colds & infections, loss of sexual desire or ability, nervousness, dry mouth, clenched jaw and grinding teeth.
Cognitive and emotional symptoms of stress include; constant worrying, poor judgment, becoming easily agitated, constantly focusing on the negative, feeling overwhelmed, having difficulty relaxing, avoiding others, feeling bad about yourself, and exhibiting nervous behaviors such as nail biting, fidgeting or pacing.  
Injuries, whether acute or chronic, can often be stressful to deal with on a daily basis. If your body is in pain, then it is tough to focus on what you can do to mentally relax. Incrediwear’s active pain relief and recovery apparel helps with the physical aspect of pain, by increasing circulation to reduce inflammation, muscle fatigue, and accelerate recovery from symptoms affiliated with acute/chronic injuries, arthritis, tendonitis, impact injuries, and sports injuries to provide pain relief.
While Incrediwear helps manage your pain, there are some things you can do mentally to help relieve pain as well that involves destressing your mind. Relaxation training is one method, which involves concentrating on slowing and deepening your breathing. Learning this takes time and practice, but learning relaxation training can focus attention away from pain and release tension from your muscles.

Keeping positive thoughts at the forefront of your mind can also be helpful. Visualizing pleasant imagery, pleasant scenes, or thinking of positive words or phrases throughout your day can help reduce stress and bring pain relief.
Lastly, exercise to the best of your ability. Releasing endorphins is critically beneficial to your health and pain relief. Endorphins are hormones generated by your body. Many people don’t know endorphins are powerful in helping with pain relief because they help block pain signals from connecting with the pain receptors of your brain. Getting a massage also helps release this beneficial hormone, which could be a reward to yourself for getting in a good workout.

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