5 New Year Healthy Living Tips

Well, that didn’t go exactly as planned. Let’s close the book on 2020 and start the new year with new hobbies to keep your body and mind active. The new year is an opportunity to reinvent yourself; to become a healthier, happier you!

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Learn the guitar

1) Learn a musical instrument

Playing a musical instrument such as guitar or piano keeps the mind active. You’ll learn about the basics of music and have a few songs to show off at your next friend or family gathering. In addition to learning to play your favorite songs, the dexterity of your fingers will increase. As with most new hobbies, you’ll want to get to the “critical mass” as soon as possible. This is when you become more comfortable with the instrument, playing songs by memory, and the activity becomes more enjoyable. For instance, when learning guitar, the tips of the fingers begin to hurt from pressing down on the strings. If you remain dedicated to practicing daily, you’ll develop calluses and the pain will go away. 

If you already know the basics of music, try learning an alternative instrument such as mandolin or ukulele. These are smaller, portable instruments you can take with you. Always be learning a new chord or scale and you’ll be amazed at where you’ll be a year from now. If you’re feeling brave, take a chance at a public performance at a local coffee shop. 

2) Track your daily steps

If you’ve ever had an activity or weight loss goal, you’ll know it’s important to measure how many steps you're taking each day. Most smartphones already have this function built into them. If you use an iPhone, the Health app may already be checking your steps each day. But what if you don’t have your phone with you at all times during the day? For this reason, many people use pedometers or smartwatches to track their daily activity. The wearable device will give you a more accurate measurement of your daily steps, which you can use to hit your activity goals. 

The baseline recommendation for daily step activity is 10,000 steps each day. It may sound like a lot, but after going to the grocery store, getting the mail, and an after-dinner walk, it’s easier to achieve than it might sound! Track your steps for a few weeks and share with a friend or family member. You can even create challenges with others using smartwatches, in addition to tracking advanced metrics such as heart rate and walking or running speed. It may even prompt you to stand up every couple of hours to make sure you have activity throughout the day. 


3) Be a tourist in your own county 

With many still not ready to fly across the country, there has never been a better time for local tourism. Support local restaurants and organizations by visiting the top tourist attractions in your county. A quick Google search of “(Your County) Tourism” will pull up regional tourism information about your area. You may find natural beauty or open spaces, or even historic destinations for the whole family. After seeing the sights, order takeout from a local restaurant to help support your local economy. 

4) Start a morning routine

Instead of only stumbling out of bed for a cup of coffee in the morning, take the opportunity of the new year to keep a morning routine. It doesn’t have to be every day and it doesn’t have to take long. It could be as simple as stretching, meditating, or speaking with your significant other. A morning routine can help you focus before the busyness of the day and make sure your highest-priority items are accomplished. 

Studies have shown that physical activity in the mornings can increase mental clarity and overall health. You can find resources for stretching or yoga exercises through a quick search online. By keeping your muscles loose, you can help avoid injury and stimulate recovery in your body. If you’re living with chronic pain or have acute injury, try one of the Incrediwear New Year Bundles. This year, take control of your day and get it started with a morning routine. 

5) Stand to work 

With many professionals working from home during the majority of 2020, the time spent sitting in the home office chair can add up to a sore back, neck, and arms. One alternative is to stand up while working for some of the day. Working while standing can help prevent long-term side effects of poor posture and can be a more natural position than sitting in a chair. Standing desks or a tall counter can serve as a platform for a computer or tablet. If you utilize the text-to-voice feature on your computer, you can spend less time typing, making your work from home experience more efficient and ergonomic. Check out our Work From Home Bundle, available for a limited time! 

Yes, 2020 wasn’t what we all expected. Let’s make the most of looking forward to a new year. Which new skill or habit will you start in 2021? Share your journey with us to #LiveIncredibly!



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