Never Leave Home Without Your Anti-Inflammatory Wear

In 2016, there were over 44 million people in the United States who participated in hiking and/or backpacking activities in the spring. The risk of reported injuries is estimated to increase as the number of participants for these outdoor activities is also estimated to increase this year.
It is fully recommended you carry a first aid kit whenever you hike or backpack for any length of time. What many may not know is a number of common injuries can help be prevented by using Incrediwear anti-inflammatory wear on your body while you enjoy the great outdoors. Some of the more common injuries while hiking/backpacking are sprained ankles, and overuse injuries such as; bursitis, tendonitis, and IT syndrome. Wearing Incrediwear anti-inflammatory wear during hiking/backpacking not only helps you to avoid these common injuries, but reduces inflammation and pain to accelerate recovery if an injury does occur.
Incrediwear’s anti-inflammatory wear is often mistaken as just another “compression” product, but in fact; the focus of Incrediwear is not compression. Through various product studies, we have documented the best way for accelerating recovery is to increase circulation. Increasing circulation may sound like you are being warmed you up; however, increasing circulation can also cool you down. This is called Thermo-Regulation, optimizing your body to flush out inflammation. Incrediwear anti-inflammatory wear reduces pain, swelling, inflammation and help improve mobility.
In a 2015 NPR article, Abigail Stickford — a postdoctoral research at UT Southwestern Medical Center (Dallas, Texas) — tested the claims of compression in a small study using calf sleeves. The claims were improved blood flow and oxygen delivery to the muscles. What did she find after testing 16 endurance runners? “We found nothing,” she said. There was no measurable difference in using or not using compression. What we can determine from this is certainly one thing? The placebo effect can work.
So how does Incrediwear anti-inflammatory wear differ from compression. For one, our documented results show that our products work. Secondly, there is no way our product can fool the amount of medical professionals who have seen how Incrediwear anti-inflammatory wear works. We come recommended by medical professionals such as the Andrews Institute, The Center for Advanced Orthopaedics, ISMI, & many more; as well as professional athletes and trainers in several sports worldwide.


Hi Tammy, great to hear you love our products. Thanks so much for the suggestion, we will pass it on to the team!

Incrediwear Team January 04, 2023

Hello I love your products! Please design something for the Cervical neck. I realize the challenges and danger of something that would constrict the throat but perhaps something that goes across the upper back and neck? Thanks!!

Tammy McCarthy January 04, 2023

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