Incrediwear Partners with EF Pro Cycling!

Cycling is one of the most grueling sports out there. Rides regularly hit the double mileage digits, you burn an extraordinary amount of calories, and you use your whole body to maximize performance. That’s why we’re super excited to announce our new partnership with the EF Education First Pro Cycling team as their Official Recovery Wear Supplier! That’s right – through 2020, we’ll be making sure all 29 EF Pro Cycling riders will feel their best with our line of braces and sleeves designed to optimize recovery, which leads to top performance.

Photo credit: Ashley Gruber | Gruber Images

Photo credit: Ashley Gruber | Gruber Images

Who are EF Pro Cycling?

In 2018, Education First, an international education company, became the new owners of the Cannondale-Drapac Team. The team competes on the UCI World Tour circuit (the circuit the Tour De France belongs to!), and represents riders from 16 countries. Their mission is to share their story and their sport with the world, tackling new races and rides around the globe. This year, they will travel to over 1,300 towns, in over 20 countries, spanning 6 continents. The team is living out their mission to #exploretheworld.

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How Much Do They Ride?

The team rides over 20,000 miles throughout the year, which is an average of 55 miles a day! With so much activity, the top performance of each athlete is critically important. At Incrediwear, we know that maximizing performance is all about recovery – we hear stories from our customers every day! Here are some of what the EF team will be wearing this season to keep them out the training room, and on the road or trail, exploring the world:

Performance Pants

Performance Pants

If you’ve ever ridden a road bike for more than a few hours, you’ll know that seat comfort is very important. When they aren’t cycling, the EF athletes will be able to access the recovery of the Incrediwear Performance Pants – base layer pants that increase blood flow and their ability to ride the next day. 

Calf Sleeve

Calf Sleeve

Together, the EF Pro Cycling team has climbed the height of Mount Everest 634 times. That is a lot of use of the calf muscle! The Incrediwear Calf Sleeve is designed for optimal ergonomic support for below the knee, stimulating quick recovery and increased performance. 

Sport Socks Thin

Sport Socks

The Sport Socks Thin relieve fatigue after spending long hours on your feet - or on the bike. With a breathable design, these socks will provide relief after hours of being enclosed in a cycling shoe. 

Professional cycling unites people of diverse backgrounds in a peaceful, fun, and friendly way to achieve extraordinary athletic feats. It aligns perfectly with our mission to #LiveIncredibly, and we can’t wait to see them excel this year!

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