Pain to Healing: Ice-Skating with Incrediwear Products

When you think of ice-skating, you might think of those glamorous and elegant figure-skaters from the Olympic Games. But ice-skating is an incredibly diverse and popular sport that millions of people across the world participate in for fun and fitness. 

According to the Sports and Fitness Industry Association, over nine million Americans participated in ice-skating as of 2019. The sport is slightly more popular with women than men (57.8% of participants are female) and can be performed by people of most ages and fitness levels. 

There are many benefits to ice-skating. To begin with, it is an excellent and low-impact cardiovascular workout. Since a big part of learning to skate is learning how to stay upright on the ice, skating significantly improves your balance. It also strengthens your muscles and tendons, particularly those in your feet and ankles, improves your coordination and posture, and boosts joint flexibility. In other words, it is a fantastic full-body workout. 

And, of course, ice-skating is fun! Being on the ice can give you a big mood boost, being part of a club can help you to make friends, and seeing yourself improve as you overcome challenges is great for your mental wellbeing. 

All sports carry some risk, and ice-skating comes with its own set of dangers. Ankle sprains and fractures, tears in the anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) in the knee, and head, wrist, and hand injuries from falls are some of the main risks associated with ice-skating. 

You can mitigate a lot of risk by getting proper training, using the correct safety equipment, and skating at an appropriate level for your ability. But if you want extra protection from injury or are already hurt and trying to recover so that you can get skating again, Incrediwear products can help. 

How Incrediwear Products Help with Healing 

Our non-compression recovery wear products help to reduce pain and accelerate healing through medically proven technology that works in harmony with your body’s natural healing processes. 

Our garments use two semiconductor elements called Germanium and Carbon. These two elements are activated by your body heat and then release particles called ions, which increase circulation and lymph flow (lymph fluid is responsible for removing waste products from your system). 

The result? A reduction in pain and a faster healing time. Research has proven that Incrediwear products consistently help to reduce pain without the need for additional medication. All this means you can get back on the ice more quickly and get back to doing the sport you love, pain-free. 

Protect the Most At-Risk Areas

When you are skating, your feet and ankles are at the greatest risk of injury. Your hands, wrists, and back are also vulnerable. Choose the appropriate items of wearable technology to protect these most at-risk areas while you skate. 

For example, all ice-skaters could benefit from using active socks under their skates to help protect their feet. Ankle sleeves are also an easy way to help guard against common ice-skating injuries. Back injuries can be serious and are a particular risk when exercising on a hard surface such as an ice rink. For that reason, you may wish to consider a back support brace to help protect your back in the event of a fall. And beginner skaters, in particular, may want to consider using wrist and hand protection, as when you are learning to skate is when you are most at risk of the slips and falls that can result in injuries to these areas. 

Pay attention to your body during and after skating sessions, too. If you notice pain in specific muscles or joints, those are likely the areas most in need of protection. 

Using Incrediwear Products Both On and Off the Ice

Unlike compression-based products, Incrediwear recovery wear garments do not use compression to be effective. This means it is safe to wear them all day long. They are also so comfortable that you will barely notice you are wearing them. 

Whether you are healing from an ice-skating injury or simply trying to avoid sustaining one, using Incrediwear products both on and off the ice rink can help you. Utilizing recovery wear while you skate helps to protect those delicate bones and muscles, reducing the risk of injury (or the severity of your injury if you are unfortunate enough to sustain one). 

Making use of recovery wear in between skating sessions helps your body to recover more effectively, which reduces the risk of injury the next time you skate. Since exercise puts microscopic tears in your muscles, the additional nutrients that our products bring to those areas are vital in enhancing and speeding up recovery. 

Consistently using Incrediwear wearable recovery technology during and after your workouts is an easy way to help yourself stay pain-free. Consistency matters, so ensure you are using your wearable items every time you skate. 

Keep Warm and Stay Protected

Whether you are skating outdoors or on an indoor rink, the cold temperatures necessary for ice-skating can up the risk of injury. Therefore, it is important to keep your body warm while you skate to ensure that you are as protected as possible. 

Since our products are lightweight and comfortable, you can wear them underneath whatever clothing you normally skate in. This will help you to stay warm throughout your skating session as well as offering enhanced protection from injury. Incrediwear garments are also made of a moisture wicking fabric, which means that you do not need to worry about excessive sweating as your body warms up during your workout. 

Take It Steady 

Ice-skating injuries can be painful and can keep you off the ice for far longer than you would like. However, it is important not to push your body too hard or too quickly when you are recovering from an ice-skating injury. Trying to skate on an injury will only make it worse and can end up prolonging your healing time even more. 

With the right recovery wear and a few precautions, you can glide through your recovery from pain to healing and be back out on the ice before you know it.

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