How to Avoid Traveler's Thrombosis

Travel in any form causes you to sit for long periods of time. Leg mobility is restricted while you sit in these positions. This can lead to symptoms such as swollen ankles, legs and feet, heavy legs, and much more. Worst case scenario, you can even get "traveler's thrombosis" syndrome which can be extremely painful. The forming of blood clots in the deep leg vein leads to this condition. If you can’t stop traveling, you can take measures for preventing the buildup of clots with the help of recovery wear. Here are more details:

Overview of Economy Class Syndrome or Traveler's Thrombosis

You are more vulnerable to develop thrombosis when you sit in one place for a long time. This condition is referred to as Economy Class Syndrome or Traveler's Thrombosis. Under typical conditions, the leg muscles act as a pump system for getting blood to your feet from the heart. But if you are not moving your leg, the pumping stops, and stagnation of the blood takes place in the leg veins. The danger of a thrombotic event doubles in these situations.

Anyone can go through the same condition while traveling, but it’s uncommon. The most susceptible demographic are people of old age, obesity, recent surgery patients, heart insufficiency, pregnant women, and many more.

The most dangerous thing about traveler's thrombosis is that you won’t be able to catch the signs until after a few weeks or days after the trip.

Traveler's thrombosis needs to be taken seriously as it requires instant medical attention. In worse scenarios, the blood clots can detach and reach the lungs, leading to PE or pulmonary embolism, which is fatal.

This information shows how important it is to manage the condition even before it arises. This is only possible with the use of the best anti-inflammatory recovery wear. No matter how much you travel, if you use these products, you won’t experience any swelling.

Monitoring The Symptoms

It’s important to educate yourself about the probable signs of traveler's thrombosis in order to detect the condition as early as possible. It is especially important for people who travel a lot. But you must remember that symptoms can vary and don’t always occur at the same time. The signs are as follows:

  • Swollen and painful calves and legs
  • Locally raised temperature
  • Discoloration and redness of the skin

Inflammation is what causes a thrombus in your superficial vein. If you are suspecting a thrombosis, it is vital to contact a doctor immediately. 

Recovery-Wear Benefits For Traveling

A comfortable yet simple method of helping relieve the signs of painful and heavy legs during and post-travel is by wearing the best recovery wear for the leg, like our inflammatory leg sleeves. The graduated concretion technology makes these products effective for the condition. Also, the dangers of developing serious conditions like DVT or phlebitis can be reduced with these medical products. When you are about to travel long distances, these products can regulate blood flow. Incrediwear supplies these one of a kind garments.

Tips To Follow Before Traveling for Extended Periods 


  • It is important to keep moving the ankles and feet every thirty minutes (10 circles and flexes)

  • Take a short walk every two hours

  • Wearing recovery wear products is important for reducing swelling and symptoms

  • Always wear loose and comfortable clothing

  • Stay hydrated, avoid alcohol. 

  • Crossing the legs while in seating position is not recommended as it largely decreases blood flow

What Is The Correct Way Of Putting On Recovery Wear For the Leg?


  • First step is putting the hand inside the recovery wear and grabbing the heel between the fingers and thumb
  • As you hold the heel, the product needs to be turned inside out. This will pull the heel through the front.
  • After stepping into your foot and the next step is positioning the product just short of your heel
  • It needs to be unfolded gently as you leave a single layer and small band across your foot
  • Lay the garment over your heel
  • Smoothening out every wrinkle is important. Position the top band 2 finger widths from your right-angle bend of the knee. You should not pull the product too far.

Some Tips For Doffing And Donning

Donning recovery wear for the leg every day doesn’t have to be difficult. The snug fit is what makes these products medically effective. But yet some people might face difficulty putting them on, especially when it comes to the ankle and heel. There are times when people often get discouraged, which makes them not wear the recovery products. However, this will make swelling and pain worse. Try your best to make it work.

Final Say

Traveling for work or leisure purposes is common these days. But, we can’t stop traveling because we’re scared of traveler’s thrombosis. With products like the best recovery wear, you don’t have to. These products work wonders for the legs, which is why doctors recommend them. Carrying no side effects, these medical products are used by people all over the globe nowadays.

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