How Incrediwear Products Boost Recovery Without Compression

Compression products are incredibly popular for those looking to prevent or recover from injury. Many people use them after a sporting injury, when recovering from surgery, as part of managing a chronic pain condition such as osteoarthritis, or even to treat day to day issues such as sprains and repetitive strain injury.

Compression products work by promoting increased blood flow, which is essential in the recovery process. This can help to treat pain, reduce swelling, and even prevent blood clots. 

But did you know it’s also possible to treat and recover from all kinds of injuries without the need for compression? Incrediwear’s recovery wear range helps you to do exactly that. Read on to learn how you can increase blood flow with recovery wear, treat injuries, and get back on your feet more quickly—no compression required. 

What is Recovery Wear?

Simply put, recovery wear garments are items you wear to help you recover when you sustain an injury. Recovery wear is available for the ankles, wrists, arms, legs, back, hands, and more. 

Everyone deserves to live painlessly and to enjoy full mobility to do the things they enjoy doing, whether that’s rigorous athletic training or just running around the park with the kids. But an injury or chronic pain condition can put a stop to all that. Recovery wear, in its various forms, helps users to stay active and pain-free, no matter the challenges they put their bodies through. 

How is Incrediwear Different?

Our founder, Dr. Jackson Corley, was an enthusiastic cyclist when he suffered an almost fatal accident. Threatened with paralysis, Jackson looked for a new way to heal, to reduce his pain, and to get back to the active life he loved. Incrediwear was born when Jackson was inspired to create a new kind of recovery wear. That was in 2008 and Incrediwear has been providing market-leading, non-compression wearable technology ever since. 

Unlike traditional recovery wear, Incrediwear products do not require compression to be effective. Compression wear uses pressure to restrict blood flow, but our technology works in a completely different way. 

We use two semiconductor elements: Germanium and Carbon. These heat-sensitive elements are activated by your body’s natural warmth, and when that happens, they release particles called ions, which activate molecular vibrations which help to increase blood circulation. They also increase the flow of lymph fluid, a substance that is an important part of your body’s waste removal system. 

The result of this increased blood flow and lymph flow? More nutrients and oxygen to the affected area, and more efficient removal of harmful by-products. 

It’s no wonder that Dr Rahul Desai, who founded RestorePDX and specializes in musculoskeletal health and restorative medicine, described Incrediwear as “game-changing”. He, like us, believes that non-compression recovery wear like Incrediwear will become the standard in the next ten to fifteen years. 

Scientifically Proven to Work in Partnership with Your Body

Incrediwear products are designed to work with your body, not against it. The human body is an incredible, complex and intelligent organism that has its own inbuilt set of processes designed to keep you healthy and heal from sickness or injury. The Incrediwear range of recovery wear is designed to be used alongside these processes to speed up your recovery. By activating the injured tissue and increasing blood flow, it works closely with your body’s biochemistry. 

What’s more, the effectiveness of the technology we use is scientifically proven. In one study, which was peer-reviewed and published in the Orthopedic Journal of Sports Medicine in 2019 by Katherine Marino, Rachel Lee, and Paul Lee, 46 participants suffering from osteoarthritis of the knee wore our Knee Sleeve for a total of 6 months. The participants did not receive any other kind of physical therapy for the duration of the study. The study found that 100% of participants experienced results, and that the average decrease in pain was 63%. 

The study also showed that blood flow increased 20% without vasodilation (the widening of blood vessels), and that the need for NSAIDs and other pain medications diminished. This is a significant achievement for a product that is readily available, cost-effective, and non-invasive.

Our sleeves and braces can also be used alongside other modes of treatment, depending upon what you and your medical provider agree upon. Dr Desai often recommends Incrediwear alongside the other therapies performed at his practice. 

An Alternative to Surgery

Most people would prefer to avoid going under the surgeon’s knife if at all possible. But for patients who have been in pain for a long time and for whom less invasive treatments have not worked, surgery can seem like the only option. 

The above study showed that in some cases, using Incrediwear products can delay or even avoid the need for surgery in patients suffering from conditions like osteoarthritis. This is preferred by both patients and practitioners, given the inherent risks and painful recovery involved in surgical solutions. Wearing an item of non-compression recovery wear consistently also costs a tiny fraction of the price of an operation. 

For patients who have already had surgery or need to have it due to the severity of their injury or condition, Incrediwear products can also aid recovery. 

Prevent Injury Before it Occurs 

Any doctor will tell you that prevention is better than cure. This means that the best time to treat injuries is before you sustain them. Whether you’re a serious athlete pushing yourself for a big race or a new personal best, or just want to keep yourself fit and healthy for longer, you can benefit from using Incrediwear to increase blood flow with recovery wear. 

And if you have been diagnosed with a condition or sustained an injury, our scientifically proven garments can help boost your body’s natural healing capabilities and help you to get back to living your active life more quickly. 

Check out our range of products to find something that will work for you, and experience for yourself the improved quality of life that comes from reduced pain and greater mobility.

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