Fun, Free Fitness: 5 Home Workout YouTube Channels We Love

In the fast-paced modern world, most of us have limited time and numerous responsibilities to juggle. That’s why many people are constantly looking for ways to optimize the time they do have and make their days more efficient. One great way to do this is to work out at home instead of going to the gym—for example, by following a free workout video on YouTube. 

The COVID-19 pandemic also contributed tremendously to the rising popularity of home-based fitness. With gyms, fitness studios, and sports clubs closed or limited in capacity for extended periods in 2020 and 2021, people turned to online workouts to stay active and healthy. 

Fitness YouTube channels, like the ones we’ll highlight in this post, offered a way for people to exercise from home while still feeling connected to a larger community. Many of these channels also offered specific pandemic-related programs, such as low-impact workouts for small spaces, back and neck stretches for those working from home, or stress-relieving yoga flows.

The Benefits of Working Out at Home 

Working out at home offers many benefits. It is convenient and flexible, allowing you to exercise at whatever time suits you. Since there are countless workout videos available to follow, you can select one at the right level and of the right duration for your needs. You also don’t have to worry about traveling to the gym or finding someone to watch your children while you go, allowing you to slot fitness into your busy life more easily. You can even get your family, friends, or flatmates to join you and work out together!

Home workouts can also be more cost-effective than a gym membership. YouTube is a free platform and all the channels we will mention in this post have vast amounts of free content. Even if you choose to sign up to your favorite creator’s premium paid program, you will likely still spend less than the cost of a gym membership. Many home workouts can also be performed with little or no equipment. 

Our Favorite Home Workout YouTube Channels


Blogilates is a fitness channel run by Cassey Ho, a Certified Pilates and Fitness Instructor. At the time of writing, the channel has over 8 million subscribers and over 1000 videos for you to choose from. 

Offering fun and upbeat workouts with a focus on Pilates, you’ll find a wide range of content, from high-intensity interval training (HIIT) to targeted workouts for specific areas of the body, on the Blogilates channel. The channel also offers a 30-day workout calendar each month to help you stay on track and motivated, as well as other curated playlists. 

Fitness Blender 

Fitness Blender is a channel run by husband-and-wife duo Daniel and Kelli. Along with a team of experienced trainers, Daniel and Kelli offer a range of workouts, from strength training to cardio and beyond, to their 6.6 million subscribers. 

Fitness Blender is a go-to channel for people who want a variety of workout options. No matter your experience level or goals, there’s something for you. The channel also offers educational videos on a range of health and fitness topics, such as nutrition, safe weight loss or weight gain, and body image. 

Yoga with Adriene 

If you're looking for a yoga-focused workout, then Yoga with Adriene is the channel for you. With almost 12 million subscribers and over 650 videos spanning the last 10 years, Adriene Mischler offers a range of yoga workouts for all levels, from beginners to advanced practitioners. The channel also offers themed videos to help you reach specific goals as well as monthly curated playlists. 

Adriene’s approach is kind, positive, and inclusive. She offers plenty of adaptations to the poses to suit all bodies, and encourages followers to “find what feels good.” If nothing else, you’ll want to keep showing up to see her adorable dog, Benji. 


POPSUGAR Fitness offers a variety of workout videos, from dance cardio to HIIT, with a focus on empowering and feel-good movement. If you love to dance, POPSUGAR is the channel for you. 

With over 6 million subscribers and 1600 videos, this channel offers workouts for all fitness levels and interests. The channel also features celebrity trainers and guest instructors, making for a diverse and exciting workout experience.

The Body Coach TV 

The Body Coach TV is a channel run by Joe Wicks, a personal trainer and fitness coach who posts weekly workout videos for his 2.8 million subscribers. The channel offers a range of HIIT workouts and challenges, including the popular "PE with Joe" series that gained popularity during the pandemic. 

The channel also offers recipes, nutritional advice, and motivation to help you achieve your fitness goals. And if you’re new to fitness or returning after a break, you’ll love Joe’s 28 Day Ultimate Beginner Challenge.

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