Coronavirus - Making the Best of the Situation

This is a difficult time for everyone. A pandemic is unfolding before our eyes and it has had an impact on all. Our best wishes are with those affected by COVID-19. During this time, we want to assure you of Incrediwear’s commitment to support your health and recovery. For up-to-date information on COVID-19 and best practices, go here:

It is officially Spring. 

Despite the new season and the upcoming sunny days, many cities and states around the country are under shelter-in-place orders from their state governments - including our home of California. While there is uncertainty for how long this may last, it’s surely a change of routine for many who will be spending more time at home for the foreseeable future.

Motivational speaker Jack Canfield, the co-author of Chicken Soup for the Soul, has words of wisdom on how to make the best of a situation, such as the one we are facing now. He shares the following formula in his books:

E + R = O (Events + Responses = Outcome)

Jack’s formula says that it’s not always possible to control the event but you can control your response. This will change the outcome and make the best of the situation. So with that being said, are you ready to make the most out of your time at home? Read on!

 Run with Incrediwear

How to stay refreshed, productive, and socially-distant

Has cabin fever already got the best of you? Are you struggling to click into a routine without your new working from home life? Are you itching to go back to the gym even though it’s only been closed for 24 hour already? Here’s our list of suggestions to spend your time on to make it as refreshing, productive, and socially-distant as possible. 

1) Prioritize Recovery

This is your chance to rest. It may not have been planned in your calendar, but it’s okay to give yourself permission to recover. Did you know Incrediwear products are great to wear while resting, not just when you’re active? They increase circulation, speeding up the time it takes for your body to heal from injury or surgery. For more detailed tips on coming back from a Sports Injury, check out our dedicated post here:

Osteoarthritis Study

2) Consider alternatives to elective surgeries 

As you may already be painfully aware, knee replacements and other elective procedures are all on hold right now as a result of the coronavirus outbreak. However, many people are still suffering with the daily pain of chronic conditions. Finding pain relief while waiting for a previously-scheduled procedure is possible. And you don’t even have to leave your house. In a recent study of osteoarthritis patients who used the Incrediwear Knee Sleeve, some chose to not have surgery because of the recovery and pain relief provided by the ongoing use of the product. Read the full blog post here:

Stay Active

3) Stay Active

Getting outdoors for some physical activity and vitamin D can benefit your mental and physical health. This might include a walk, run, or cycling. Make sure to check with the local precautions being observed in your area before heading out the door, and always keep 6 ft from another person if you see one. 

4) Turn Your Home Into a Gym

There are many online fitness videos that provide guided instruction on activities such as yoga, pilates, stretching, bodyweight exercises, and more! Check out our friends at Celebrity Sweat who have put together a few at home workout ideas using regular, house-hold items.



If activity isn’t possible for your current situation, keep your circulation active. Good circulation in the body has many health benefits including reducing time needed to recovery, boosted immune response, and more! Did you know Incrediwear products improve circulation? 

5) Keep a Daily Routine

There’s a lot to gain from morning and evening rituals to bookend your day. With many people taking time off work and school at this time, the day might feel like it is going by slowly, increasing boredom and anxiety. Rather than falling back to all-day social media use, create a routine for yourself. Work at your normal working hours, schedule in breaks to go out to the yard or walk your block every couple of hours, eat meals at regular intervals. Meditation or journaling can also help with your thinking and mindfulness, and reading a good book will help reduce your screen time. 


5 Products You Need To Recover Well At Home

So hang in there during this difficult time. We will make it through this together. Let us know how these tips help, and if you have a story of recovery to share with us, our team would love to hear it! 

From all of us at Incrediwear, we wish you health and wellness!


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My completely unscientific observation:
As a front line worker, I caught Covid -19. I was quite ill, and not moving much during the high fever phase. Since it was still cold then, I put the incrediwear socks on, then the calf sleeves on my legs.
Covid causes hypercoagulability, and many with it report burning sensations in extremities. I never had this in my feet, never got “covid toes.” I really think the incrediwear gear helped my circulation enough to avoid problems inmy fet and legs.
I wished I had your fingerless gloves, since I did have problems with my hands. In my mind, that shows the difference with/vs without even more.
I think your product could help quite a few people right now?

E Gray May 18, 2020

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