What Is Contemporary Dance? 7 Benefits

September carries in not just crisper air and the early transformation of the leaves but also the rhythm of National Dance Month. And, as we pirouette into the world of dance, focusing our spotlight on a style as fluid as it is profound — contemporary dance. 

With its twists and turns, leaps and bounds, contemporary dance invites us to sway beyond the boundaries of traditional dance forms, offering a realm of creativity and expression like no other. 

As we move through this article, you'll uncover many benefits that make contemporary dance more than just a performance but a well-choreographed tool for wellness.

What Is Contemporary Dance?

The late 19th century was a time of revolution, innovation, and the birth of contemporary dance. Born from a desire to break free from the rigid structures of classical ballet and traditional techniques, contemporary dance emerged as a refreshing composition of artistic expression.

Imagine a dance form as diverse as the world's musical genres. From ballet's grace to hip hop's raw energy, contemporary dance draws its richness from an eclectic fusion of styles. Like jazz in the dance world, contemporary is freeform, improvisational, and deeply personal. 

The choreography of contemporary dance often mirrors the rhythm of life itself. Much like the improvisational nature of our day-to-day experiences, contemporary dance encourages dancers to explore movement outside choreographed routines. 

It's an interpretative art form that speaks to the human condition — love, loss, joy, and fear — each performance is an echo of the dancer's inner world.

What Are the Wellness Benefits of Contemporary Dance?

As we twirl into the benefits of contemporary dance, it's clear that this art form does more than just ignite the stage — it sets a cadence for physical well-being. For starters, let's talk about flexibility, a cornerstone of dance. 

1. Improves Flexibility

With its fluid movements and a broad range of motion, contemporary dance stretches your physical limits, encouraging suppleness and grace. Like a live-action yoga class, it helps to improve and support your body’s flexibility, stretching your muscles and supporting your joints.

2. Enhances Core Strength

The intricate movements of contemporary dance require a strong core, providing stability for turns, lifts, and complex choreography. Each dance session is a workout, sculpting your abs, back, and obliques, reinforcing your body's central pillar. Your core isn't just the center of your body but the center of your dance performance.

3. Elevates Coordination

Dance is also about balance and coordination — the unsung heroes of any dance form. Mastering contemporary dance moves requires a steady balance and precision that comes with practice. But the beauty of dance is that the practice is part of the performance. 

With each step and each stumble, you're not just learning to dance; you're learning to harmonize your body's movements, creating a rhythm that resonates with confidence.

4. Boosts Cardiovascular Health

Let's not overlook the cardiovascular boost you get from contemporary dance. Think of your heart as the drumbeat, setting the rhythm for your entire body. 

As you weave through complex choreographies and dynamic routines, your heart rate elevates, promoting better cardiovascular health and increased oxygen uptake. Each dip, spin, and shuffle is a dance toward a stronger, healthier heartbeat.

5. Encourages Emotional Expression

Now that we've hit the high notes of physical benefits, let's sway into this dance's emotional and mental side. Contemporary dance strikes a chord within our emotional world. 

It's a freeing form of being where we can express and let go, fostering stress relief and boosting mood. After all, it's hard not to feel a surge of joy when your body moves freely to your favorite beat.

6. Boosts Confidence 

Contemporary dance also serves as a confidence booster. Whether you're perfecting a complex routine or freestyling in your living room, each movement helps you discover new dimensions of your capabilities. This newfound self-assuredness extends beyond the dance studio, instilling a rhythm of confidence in everyday life.

7. Supports Cognitive Function

Just as contemporary dance encourages your body to explore a freer range of movements, it also choreographs a dance of neurons in your brain. The improvisational component of this dance form invites you to create and react on the spot, enhancing cognitive function.

Think of it as a high-energy brainstorming session where your body and mind collaborate in real time. This creative, quick thinking and rapid decision-making can lead to improved focus and mental agility. 

Combine flexibility, heart health, and self-expression, and you have a full-body, freeing dance routine that promotes physical and mental health while expressing artistic creativity. 

Tips for Getting Started With Contemporary Dance

Feeling the beat? Ready to start your dance journey? Here are some tips to get you moving:

  • Find a class: Use online platforms to find classes in your local community or join virtual sessions. There's a rhythm for everyone out there.
  • Start with the basics: Every dance style has foundational steps. Start by learning the basics and build your dance vocabulary from there.
  • Patience is your dance partner: Mastery doesn't happen overnight. Be patient, and remember that the journey is as beautiful as the destination.
  • Gear up with Incrediwear: Look into wearable supports like the Incrediwear Ankle Sleeve that could assist in the initial stages of your dance journey.

Get Grooving With Incrediwear 

With a whirlwind of movements, contemporary dance can sometimes leave your muscles craving some TLC. Here's where Incrediwear leaps into the scene. 

Designed with inferred technology to maintain and support your body's natural blood flow and rhythm, Incrediwear products can become your dance companions. Take the Incrediwear Ankle Sleeve, for instance. 

It supports the tissues and bones within your ankle joint and encourages the well-being of the plantar and dorsal regions of your foot and the Achilles tendon. This support is particularly beneficial for contemporary dancers, who often subject their feet to an array of stresses and strains.

From helping maintain mobility to providing relief after an intense practice session, Incrediwear sleeves can help you to stay on your toes longer and bounce back quicker.

The Bottom Line

Dance is more than just an expression of art; it's a pathway to holistic well-being. From enhancing flexibility and core strength to boosting coordination and improving cardiovascular health, the physical benefits are as diverse as the dance. And let's remember the emotional and mental harmony it brings, tuning your stress levels down and amplifying your mood and self-confidence.

If you're just a step away from embarking on your contemporary dance journey, remember, Incrediwear is here to support you like a trusted dance partner.

So step onto the stage (or your bedroom floor), embrace the music, and let your journey through contemporary dance be a healthful, soulful, and joyful expression of you.


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