7 Unique and Healthy Gift Ideas for Dad

Father’s Day on June 19 is fast approaching. If you haven’t found the perfect gift for Dad yet, there’s still time. Chocolates and wine are popular gifts, but what if your dad is trying to live a healthier lifestyle or you want to get him something a bit different this year?

Here are seven of our favorite gift ideas for busy, active dads this Father’s Day. 

Healthy cooking ingredients 

Does your dad love to cook up a feast in the kitchen or entertain family and friends with a BBQ during the summer? If so, healthy and high quality cooking ingredients make a practical and thoughtful gift. 

Consider quality cooking oils, herbs and spices, or healthier sauces or seasonings. Many retailers offer lovely gift sets of several items, based around a theme or a particular recipe. 

A fitness tracker

We’re big fans of fitness trackers here at Incrediwear. They can help the wearer to better understand their current fitness level and push them to challenge themselves. Whether your dad’s goal is to increase his step count, lose weight, take up running, or improve his cardiovascular fitness, a tracker can help. 

Apple Watch and Fitbit are the two most popular fitness tracker brands on the market, and are available at different price points depending on the features you need. You can also buy stylish accessories such as straps, so your dad can wear his new tracker with every outfit. 

Pain-relieving recovery wear 

Many people suffer from various aches and pains. Being active brings a host of important health benefits, but can also come with an elevated risk of injury. Whether your dad is a runner, hiker, tennis player, or football enthusiast, utilizing scientifically proven recovery wear such as Incrediwear products can help to alleviate pain and speed up muscular recovery after exercise. 

For dads who do high-impact exercise such as running, knee and ankle sleeves are a great choice. If he plays a racquet sport such as tennis or squash, arm or elbow sleeves can help to prevent injury. And our best-selling active socks are a great all-rounder and suitable for anyone, regardless of their exercise habits or fitness level. 

An air fryer

Fried food is everywhere and forms a major part of the typical modern western diet. However, too much fried food is bad for us and can have serious negative consequences for our health.

If your dad enjoys fried food but wants to get healthier, an air fryer is a fantastic addition to his kitchen gadget collection. Instead of using oil, an air fryer uses very hot air to create that delicious, crispy texture that comes from frying food. 

He’ll be able to enjoy all the foods he loves, but in a heart-healthy and calorie-conscious way.

A gift voucher to a healthy restaurant

Many of us associate eating out with unhealthy, fat-filled, calorie-laden foods. But that doesn’t have to be the case. More and more restaurants are seeing the demand from health-conscious consumers and overhauling their menus to offer healthier choices. This means it’s possible to enjoy a delicious meal out without the negative health impact. 

Search online for healthy restaurants in your city, or ask friends for their recommendations. Then you can take Dad out for a Father’s Day dinner or give him a gift card to treat himself at a later date. 

An insulated drinks bottle

We all know that plastic water bottles and disposable coffee cups are bad for the environment. They also don’t keep our beverages warm or cold for long. An insulated drinks container can be reused again and again and will keep cold drinks cold and hot drinks hot. 

Brands like Hydro Flask and Chillys offer high quality, stainless steel drinks bottles that also look super stylish, making them ideal for gifting. 

A hamper of healthy treats 

Luxurious food hampers no longer have to mean junk food. In fact, you can now get healthy gifts for foodies that cater to all kinds of dietary needs, from vegan to low carb to gluten free and beyond. If your dad is a foodie, a hamper full of his favorite treats makes a great gift. 

You can buy hampers ready-made from various retailers, or buy a large basket and put together your own. Consider high quality teas and coffees, spices, cooking sauces, cured meats, dark chocolate, nuts, jams and pickles, dried fruit… the options are endless! 

What healthy treats will you be giving to your dad this Father’s Day? We’d love to hear your ideas!

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