6 Ways to Treat Athletic Injuries with Recovery Wear Products

Many athletes, no matter their sport or professional level, will sustain an injury at some point in their sporting career. Athletic injuries can be painful, debilitating, and have a serious negative impact on not just performance, but quality of life. 

Incrediwear was founded to offer a new type of recovery wear for people suffering from all kinds of injuries and chronic pain conditions. Our founder suffered a life-changing and near-fatal accident, which gave him a unique understanding of just what an injury can mean. That’s why he wanted to create wearable technologies that would help people live active lives free from pain, inflammation, and limited mobility. 

Read on to learn about a few of the different ways you can treat your athletic injuries with recovery wear products and how to use them at every stage of your journey to recovery. 

Choose Non-Compression Garments

Traditional recovery wear products treat injuries and promote blood flow by using compression. However, compression products are not suitable for everyone, and some data has shown that they can cause other problems if worn too tightly or for too long. 

Incrediwear recovery garments use non-compression technology to aid recovery. Our recovery sleeves utilize two elements, Germanium and Carbon, which are activated by body heat and stimulate the flow of blood and lymphatic fluid through your system. This works in conjunction with your body to promote healing and relieve pain, without any compression required. 

What’s more, the results are medically proven. One study showed that 100% of participants enjoyed an improvement in their condition with Incrediwear products, and that their pain was lessened 63% on average. This was achieved through nothing but wearing an Incrediwear knee sleeve consistently. 

Combine Recovery Wear with Other Treatments

Sometimes, you can recover best from an injury by using a combination of treatments. You might see a physiotherapist, for example, or your doctor might recommend pain medication while you are recovering. In the case of serious injury, you might even need to have surgery.  

You can combine recovery wear with these other treatments, as long as your medical provider is happy for you to do so. Since our garments work alongside your body’s natural healing processes, they will not interfere with most other forms of treatment. In some cases, they can even reduce the need for NSAIDs and other pain medications and eliminate or delay the need for invasive surgical treatments. 

Dr Rahul Desai, who founded RestorePDX medical practice and specializes in musculoskeletal and restorative medicine, often recommends Incrediwear products alongside other traditional modes of treatment. He believes that non-compression recovery garments will become a gold standard in the next decade or so. 

Use Your Recovery Wear Consistently

Even if you have the best recovery garments in the world, they only work while you’re using them. It is essential that you use your recovery wear consistently when you are recovering from athletic injuries. Inconsistent use will not give you the best results and could even hamper your recovery. 

Our recovery wear is so comfortable that you can wear it all day long. It will not interfere with your ordinary activities and can be worn under your regular clothing. The fabric is lightweight and wicks moisture, and fits with your form without restricting your mobility. In other words, you can put it on and then forget that you are wearing it and go about your day. 

When you find an item of recovery wear that works for you, it might be a good idea to get two or three of the same garment. This way, you can wear one while the other is in the wash. 

Take it Slowly

As your body heals with the aid of your recovery wear, you’re bound to want to get straight back out there and back into your workout routine. We recommend taking it slowly and not trying to push yourself too hard. 

If your pain is sufficiently reduced, you might believe you are completely healed while your body still has some underlying damage. If in doubt, always check with your doctor before diving back into any kind of workout regime. 

Exercising at your maximum capacity before you’re properly healed can set your recovery back and mean it takes even longer for your body to heal. Listen to your body, listen to your healthcare providers, and take your time. 

Keep Using Your Recovery Wear as You Begin Training Again

Recovery wear is not just for when you’re resting to recover from your injury. You can also use it when you start to exercise and train again. 

Since Incrediwear recovery garments are light, comfortable, and moisture wicking, they are completely suitable for wearing while you’re working out. They can support you in getting back to your active life while your body continues to heal, as well as reducing the risk that your injury will get worse. The right supportive garments can even help you to perform at your best! 

Don’t forget to use your recovery wear after each training session, too. The extra blood flow it promotes will help your muscles to recover more quickly and can help to prevent delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS). 

Prevent Injuries Before They Reoccur 

There is always a risk that injuries can reoccur or that you can sustain a different injury in the future. Of course, we want to encourage you to keep leading an active lifestyle and get back out there to the sports you love. 

One way to help mitigate the risk of injuries is to wear supportive garments going forward. Which body parts you need to protect will depend on the activities you’re doing and your body’s unique needs. But whether you want to protect your joints, wrists, feet, hands, or back, there is an item of Incrediwear recovery wear that can help keep you safe and active. 

With the proper care and protection, you can ensure that athletic injuries are a thing of the past.

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