5 Great Reasons to Try Golf This Month

National Golf Month is celebrated in the US in August every year. Founded by the Professional Golfers’ Association of America in 1993, National Golf Month aims to promote and celebrate the sport of golf, and introduce it to new potential players. 

With events and have-a-go sessions available all over the country this month, there’s never been a better time to try golf even if you’ve never picked up a club before. Here are five great reasons to give it a go. 

An accessible and welcoming sport

Almost anyone can play golf regardless of experience, age, gender, or current fitness level. As long as you can hold a club, you can take part. This means that you can play alongside family, friends, and even your children. 

Golf enthusiasts tend to be friendly and eager to welcome new players into the sport. So next time your local club has a beginners’ event, take the family along and give it a go. 

Great exercise 

We all know that regular exercise is vital for maintaining good health, and most of us don’t get enough exercise. The trick to keeping fit is to find a sport or activity you love so that you’ll stick with doing it regularly.

Golf is both great fun and great exercise. You might not feel as though you’re getting an intense workout when you play a round of golf, but every time you swing your club you’re exercising many of your major muscle groups and increasing your heart rate. You’ll build muscle strength and improve your circulation and cardiovascular fitness every time you play. 

Always opt to walk around the course rather than use a golf buggy if possible. On an average 18 hole golf course, you’ll have walked around 4 miles (that’s about  8000-9000 steps depending on your height and stride length.) Walking instead of using a buggy can double the total amount of calories your golfing session burns. 

You’ll make friends 

One of the reasons golf is so popular is that it’s a sociable sport. You can play with a friend or family member and talk as you walk around the course, allowing you to keep fit and catch up at the same time. 

If you don’t have anyone else in your life who plays golf, joining a club can be a great way to meet fellow players and make friends. Get involved in club events, enter friendly competitions, and take the time to enjoy a drink with other members at the “nineteenth hole” (that’s the golf club’s bar) after your game.

Spend time outside

Spending time in the great outdoors has a host of health benefits, both physical and mental. A full 18-hole round of golf typically takes about four hours, meaning you will be spending lots of time outdoors if you play regularly. 

Direct sunlight is one of the best sources of vitamin D, a vital nutrient that helps to keep your muscles, teeth, and bones healthy. Don’t forget to wear sunscreen, put on a hat, and keep hydrated, though. Too much direct exposure to the sun can be dangerous. 

Being outdoors also helps to improve your sleep quality, lower depression and anxiety, and reduce your blood pressure. 

Checking out different golfing spots is a great way to visit new places and enjoy all kinds of beautiful scenery. Have a look at some of our favorite golf locations around the world for inspiration.

Boost your brain power

Golf is a game that requires skill and concentration to play well. Any elite golfer will tell you that landing those holes-in-one is harder than it looks. Playing golf helps to foster accuracy, improve your hand-eye coordination, and train your focus and concentration levels. 

In fact, one study even found that playing golf improved the focus and attention of people with subjective memory complaints. 

This all means that golf is not only good for your body, but good for your brain, too. 

How to get started

There are over 9,000 golf courses in the USA as of 2022, meaning that there are almost certainly several near you. Get in touch with your local club and explain that you’re a beginner and would like to try playing for the first time. They will be pleased to advise and welcome you. You can also search online for “try golf” events in your area. 

We hope we have inspired you to give golf a try this month. Now pick up a club, get out there on the course, and have fun!

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