5 Fun and Unusual Group Fitness Classes to Try

Are you bored of the gym, fed up with your usual spin class, or just looking for a more fun way to get your exercise in? Whether your goal is to lose weight, tone up, strengthen your muscles, or just retain your level of fitness, there are more options available to you than you think. 

Here are five fun and unusual types of fitness classes you might want to have a go at. Working out will never be boring again. 

Aerial Hoop

Aerial activities are exploding in popularity, with classes popping up across the country and the world. Aerial hoop involves a large metal hoop suspended from the ceiling or a frame (called a “rig”). Participants sit in, stand on, balance from, and perform various poses and moves with the hoop. 

Aerial fitness classes are amazing for core strength, upper and lower body muscles, and flexibility. It’s truly a full-body workout… and you might even get some cool pictures for Instagram while you’re at it!


Bouncing on a trampoline works your whole body. It improves agility, balance, and cardiovascular fitness, as well as burning some serious fat. It’s also lower impact than running, since the trampoline absorbs some of the shock. 

If you think trampolining is easy or just for children, think again. You’ll work all your major muscle groups, boost your heart rate, and burn up to 300 calories in a 30 minute workout. 

Pole Fitness

Forget the seedy implications. Pole dancing is a great way to get a whole body workout that combines strength training with cardio. More advanced pole moves require dancers to lift their entire body weight, so it’s great for core and upper body strength in particular. 

Forget what you think you know about what your body can do. Pole workouts will teach you to see your body in a whole new way. Polers also tend to be body-positive, friendly and inclusive, so you’ll soon shed your inhibitions and make some new friends. 

Hula Hooping

The last time you picked up a hula hoop was probably on the playground at elementary school. But hula hooping workouts are the latest big fitness trend. Hooping works your core, raises your heart rate, and helps to strengthen the muscles in your legs, hips, and glutes. 

You can increase your calorie burn and give your muscles a harder workout by switching to a weighted hula hoop. Experts believe that hooping with a weighted hoop can burn around 165 calories for women and 200 calories for men in a 30 minute workout. 


Ever envied the lean, sculpted bodies of dancers? Barre classes are inspired by ballet moves, with elements of yoga and pilates. The result is a muscle-taxing, flexibility-boosting workout that’s also highly adaptable and beginner friendly. 

Many barre classes focus on repetitive movements with light weights or resistance gear, rather than lifting heavy. But don’t be fooled - you’ll be sore the next day!

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