5 Exercises You Can Do With Knee Pain To Help Reach Your Health & Fitness Goals

Dealing with knee pain can be a huge road block to staying active. Knee injuries are actually one of the most common sports injuries, and can take a lot of time to mend. However, this should not deter you from living an active and healthy lifestyle. Here are five exercises from experts in fitness to help you stay on top of your workout routines. Combine these exercises with Incrediwear products to help you feel good and comfortable all day long.

  1. Donkey Kicks – Stand with your feet lined up with your shoulders and hands together. You can also have small dumbbells in hand. Start by side stepping to the right, and kick your left foot up toward your butt, while opening your elbows out wide. Come back to your original stance, and then alternate stepping out to the left.
  1. Side Step-Ups – Stand sideways next to a step, curb, or box; anything that is just below knee height. Put your closest foot to the step on top of it, then use that leg only to step up, and completely extend your hips when you’re on top. Resist placing your other foot on the step for a count of five, then step down. For more resistance to this workout, hold onto dumbbells while stepping up and down.
  1. Knee Lifts – Starting with your arms stretched above your head, bring your right knee up, and simultaneously bring your arms down to where your right hand is over your chest with the elbow extended, and your left arm extended away from your chest. You can utilize some lightweight dumbbells for more resistance to the workout.
  1. Supine Knee Flexion – Lie down on your back with a loop band (AKA resistance band), secured in front of your body. Take one foot and loop the band around it. Bend that knee in toward your chest, so that the band is tensed. Hold at the top for 30 seconds. Then slowly ease that the leg back down. 
  1. Solo-Leg Bridges – Lie down on your back with your arms placed fully stretched out so you are in a “T” shape. Bend your knees, but keep your heels flat on the floor and as close to your butt as possible. Begin by extending one leg up to be parallel with your thighs. Next, lift your hips up to be inline with your torso, and hold for a count of three. Slowly lower your hips back to the ground. It is recommended you do ten reps with one leg before switching to the other.
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