Matthew Reardon

Matt started his skiing career in the early 90’s when he moved to Killington, Vermont to study for a degree in freestyle which landed him a spot on the World Pro Mogul tour and the X Games. He graduated to the big mountain steeps of Squaw Valley, eventually getting his masters degree after an intense 10 year residence in the extreme sports mecca Chamonix, France. Matt has been touring the globe as both a musician and skier for nearly 20 years. Pursuing both of his passions performing, recording, competing and filming throughout Europe, Japan, New Zealand, Australia, Canada, Scandinavia, Arctic Circle, Antarctica, UK and the USA.

"As an active athlete in my 40’s I’m always looking for products that aren’t just a marketing gimmick. The process by which the incrediwear fabric actually works when placed on the skin, speeding up the flow of white blood cells absolutely was a game changer for my longevity."

Matt Reardon Profile from Bob Legasa-Freeride Media on Vimeo.