Erwin Valencia, PT, DPT, MEd

PT, DPT, MEd, Team Physical Therapist, Athletic Trainer, & Wellness Lead - New York Knicks 

Erwin is a Polymath: Part-High Performance Clinician, Part-Coach, Part-Change Agent. He currently serves as the Team Physical Therapist, Athletic Trainer, and Wellness Lead for the New York Knicks after serving as its Director of Training and Conditioning for three seasons.

He initiated the team's Mindfulness Program in the 2015-2016 season and started the first-ever In-Season Daily Breathwork, Intention Setting, and Meditation Program in NBA. He was also the first to collaborate with Meditation App Headspace for it to be used as a recovery strategy.

Erwin is also an International Speaker, Non-Profit & WEB3 Founder, Mentor, Educator, Author, High-Performance Coach, and Community Leader. He brings a truly "Whole-listic" approach to professional sports, combining Sports science + clinical expertise + mindfulness + positive Psychology to the athlete wellness and care algorithm.

He is the first Filipino, raised and educated in the Philippines, to be hired Full-Time on a medical staff of any major sports team at the highest level in the USA, and in fact succeeded in doing it in both MLB and the NBA.

He is a Co-founder of the company KINETIQ, changing the way sports medicine workshops and events are done by bringing an element of personal growth and professional development in each of the "Happenings" around the world and launched the first-ever co-working space curated specifically for sports medicine and sports performance specialists in Gangnam District, Seoul, South Korea in 2017.

His social initiative, #BeyondMedyo, brings Mental and Physical Health Awareness to the Philippines and inspires local youth to adapt to the changing landscape of possible successful industries they can get into beyond what culture dictates as "normal".

Erwin is also a Founder and executive Director of two Non-Profits-- Grasshopper Project, a Mentorship program that brings true mentorship possibilities to many in the health, wellness, and performance fields otherwise left without guidance to succeed in the industry, and Gratitude Gang, on a mission to rebuild schools and provide mental health services for kids affected by grave natural calamities that plague the Philippines annually.