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  • Scientifically proven to
    increase circulation & reduce pain, swelling, stiffness & fatigue

  • Radical pain relief
    for aches & injuries

  • Recommended by medical professionals. Used by professional athletes and active people everywhere



Our revolutionary therapeutic fabric is infused with scientifically proven circulation enhancing active elements. These elements are activated by your body heat and dramatically increase blood flow to your skin and muscles. Incrediwear is developed by medical professionals, based on scientific trials and research.




  • Incrediwear Sock Testimonial

    "I am a chef who spends all of the working day up to 16 hours on my feet. The relief that wearing Incrediwear Socks gave me is tremendous. I look forward to putting them on each morning and feel a bounce on my step all day!”

  • Incrediwear Brace Testimonial

    "My mom loves the Incrediwear brace! She had partial knee replacement surgery 6 years ago & had continued pain & weakness since. She experienced almost immediate relief when she put it on! She was so happy it brought her tears. Thank you so much…”

  • Incrediwear Sock Testimonial

    "They are thin, fit exceptionally well, and the biggest compliment we can give – we forgot we were wearing them.”

  • Incrediwear Brace Testimonial

    "I bought an ankle brace for my wife…Today she went to physical therapy, they wanted to know what she had been doing because her ankle and foot looked fantastic, not only that, but she had 90% more motion than others with the same surgery, virtually no swelling and the incision was fading.”

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Active pain relief.

Infused with circulation enhancing elements for relief of arthritis, joint pain, Raynaud's syndrome, numbness and cold fingers.

July 1st , 2015



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