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How does Incrediwear work?

Incrediwear's signature fabric blend is scientifically proven to increase blood flow to optimize your body's natural ability of healing. Increased circulation results in a variety of therapeutic benefits including, reduced inflammation & swelling, pain relief, restored mobility, and accelerated recovery. Incrediwear's fabric is embedded with semiconductor elements, Germanium and Carbon, which are activated when the product comes in contact with body heat. These two natural elements can be found in Group 14 on the periodic table of elements and all contain four valence electrons in their outer shell. When Incrediwear comes in contact with body heat, negative ions are released into the body. The negative ions activate cellular vibrations that increase blood circulation and stimulate the body's lymphatic system. By increasing blood flow, the delivery of oxygen and nutrients to the damaged tissue allows the body to heal at its optimal rate. This results in a reduction of inflammation & swelling, pain relief, and acceleration of recovery.


Recovery is an essential component of improving any athlete’s performance. When exercising, muscles endure substantial stress, which causes micro-tears in muscle fibers. Recovery and rest ensure that your body is able to rebuild and repair effectively.

Over time, our bodies are able to adapt to the magnitude of stress that accompanies athletic lifestyles. If our bodies receive inadequate time to recover, overall performance will gradually decline and the risk of injury increases significantly.

Incrediwear products promote faster healing, allowing athletes to train harder and longer without the risk of over-training injuries and fatigue


Incrediwear stimulates blood and lymphatic flow to flush out the excess swelling, and bring ample nutrients and oxygen to the site of the injury. This allows the body to heal at its optimal rate by eliminating healing barriers. Our products have shown powerful results in accelerating recovery of soft-tissue injuries and post-surgical healing 

In a study conducted with USC and a professional soccer team, the effects of Incrediwear products on Time-Loss showed a significant reduction in recovery time for lower extremity injuries. Incrediwear products were scientifically proven to accelerate recovery of soft-tissue injuries by up to 46%


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