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Darryl "Wavezilla" Stingley DARRYL "WAVEZILLA" STINGLEY


Born: February 09, 1993 | Pittsburg, California

Stingley began training parkour at the age of 12. With an affinity for comic book and cartoon heroes, he began to move in a similar fashion. Over a decade later, Stingley created a style of movement reminiscent of the heroes that once inspired him as a child, and continues to do so to this day.

"As a decorated competitive athlete, with an extensive catalog of professional video parts; I express my vision of the movement lifestyle and live like I believe a hero would."



 2018 2017 / 2016
• 1st - SPL Sessions Skill Event
• 1st - SPL Unparalleled Movement Skill Event
• 2nd - SPL Unparalleled Speed Event
• 4th Overall - NAPC/APEX International & Origins Parkour Pro

• 1st - SPL West Coast  Championships - 2017
• 3rd - NAPC - 2017
• Top 5 Finisher NAPC  - 2016

2015 2014
• 3rd at NAPC Skill Championship

• 3rd - NAPC Skill Championship
• Top 5 Finisher NAPC 2 Skill Championship

Darryl "Wavezilla" Stingley - Parkour Darryl Stingley - Parkour Athlete Darryl "Wavezilla" Stingley - Pro Parkour Athlete




Darryl "Wavezilla" Stingley - Pro Parkour Darryl "Wavezilla" Stingley - Parkour Athlete Darryl "Wavezilla" Stingley - Parkour Design
Darryl "Wavezilla" Stingley - Parkour Free Running
Darryl "Wavezilla" Stingley - Free Running Parkour Darryl "Wavezilla" Stingley Photo Darryl "Wavezilla" Stingley - Parkour