AAOS 2020

Last year it made us sad to have missed AAOS.

Luckily we have secured booth #1400 for this years’ expo! Scroll down to check out what is new this year.

Billable Products

In 2019, one of our goals was to bring a billable collection forward. For 2020 we have launched the second item in this collection which we are very proud of. The walking boot under sleeve is designed to do exactly what it sounds like, to be worn under a walking boot. It has many indications, to learn more, take a look at the info sheet we've out together.

Peer Reviewed Study

We recently had our first peer reviewed study published in PubMed. More studies are to come as we just partnered with Real Madrid and they are excited to come alongside us and prove scientifically just what Incrediwear can do for your patients recovery.



Come to our booth (#1400) to learn how Incrediwear will boost your business and aid in your patients recovery at AAOS 2020



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